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08 Sep, 2017
2 hrs 09 mins
201 votes
5 115
4 26
3 19
2 6
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After a young and innocent engineering student is taken into custody by the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), he is forced to help the ATS in their mission to find his own roommate Yasin, the mastermind behind Hyderabad and Bengaluru blasts.
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Verdict: A political thriller that challenges your perceptions toward terrorism. When a movie has more disclaimers than the no-smoking ads before the movie, you know you are in for a bold flick. Director Dakxin Chhara has tried to put forward his take on terrorism and politics in a way you'd never imagine. After a long []... ...Read full review
Sameer is a regular student studying to become an engineer in a Hyderabad hostel. After a series of bomb blasts in the city, he is nabbed in an ATS raid by the authorities who are looking for his roommate, the elusive Yasin Darji who is said to be the mastermind behind the blasts. ATS chief Vikram Desai tortures the youngster and breaks him down to use him for the `greater good`. ...Read full review
It is not easy to make an overt political statement in our movies any more. Films about terror attacks are questioned for their nationalistic loyalty. ...Read full review
The visuals are seamlessly layered by editor Aashish Mayur Shah, with composer Sharaaz Khan`s eclectic background score. Overall, Sameer opens with a bang but peters out with a whimper. ...Read full review
For all its glaring sins of excesses and hysteria Sameer dares to go into a political theme that spells trouble for the perpetrator. For this, the film needs to be commended. ...Read full review
A blast in a Hyderabad neighbourhood leads to the rounding up of a suspect. His name is Sameer ( Ayyub), and he says he is not a terrorist. ...Read full review
Politics is what happens when India is hit by yet another riot. Amid the broken homes, dead parents, bawling children and dreams going up in smoke is another plot that may lead those behind it to a cushy seat in Delhi. But are the films today ready to call it out? Give the political climate in the country today, the answer is largely no. ...Read full review
Sameer" is a cleverly crafted but one-dimensional political drama that involves terrorism. It is a fictionalised film based on true incidents. Set in the backdrop of the bomb blasts in the country, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub plays Sameer, an engineering student who is caught between the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) and the terrorists. ...Read full review
The background score of a film is often a primary indicator of how honestly it is made. Sameer has an awfully grating score. Not once does it sound useful or organic; it adds virtually nothing except a false sense of urgency to disjointed proceedings. Its almost as if the loud thriller-ness of this music is trying to drown out what Sameer really is an ideologically irresponsible film. ...Read full review