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Secret Superstar

Secret Superstar

19 Oct, 2017
2 hrs 30 mins
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Fourteen year old Insia aspires to become a singer, but her overbearing father stands in the way of her great dream. However, under a veil of anonymity, she soon becomes an internet sensation - a Secret Superstar. With the world in awe of her rare gift and a celebrated musician as a mentor by her side, Insia embarks on an exciting journey that changes her life and the lives of everyone around her.
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Verdict: Zaira Wasim steals the show in this drama. What`s It About: Insia (Zaira Wasim), a school going girl, aspires to become a singer. She wants the world to hear her songs, which she writes and composes. But her strict, autocratical father (Raj Arjun) wants her to focus on her exams, thus not letting []... ...Read full review
Insia Malik (Zaira) is a talented 15-year-old school girl from Baroda whose spirit is ripped because her mother is in a troubled and violent marriage. Of course she still dares to pursue her dream of becoming a singer and she also valiantly attempts to free her mother from her conservative, cold father. ...Read full review
Inside a studio in Mumbai, a foul-mouthed musician struggles to record a song as per his producers wish. It is a tune he composed a decade ago, but his songs have been reduced to being mere remixes of his own original tunes over the years. ...Read full review
Insia is not a good student. She struggles with science as well as trigonometry, scores 30 out of 100 in a class test, and - despite this being the year of her board exams - the only time we see her textbooks actually being used in Secret Superstar is when they are stacked together to prop up her laptop so she can get the right angle to record YouTube videos. ...Read full review
The Advait Chandan directorial doesnt revolve around Mr Perfectionist but the film with Zaira Wasim essaying the protagonist is being presented and marketed in his name. Will the flick be able to spill Aamir`s charm at BO? Well. Let`s find out. ...Read full review
The film begins and stays with fifteen-year-old Vadodara-based Insiya (Wasim) who dreams of becoming a famous singer. A controlling, abusive father (Arjun), a submissive yet supportive mother (Vij), an elderly relative, a little brother, a simpatico school friend, and her beloved guitar: these make up Insiyas world. ...Read full review
Secret Superstar is an unconventional Hindi film in so many ways. It is that rare mainstream, unapologetically commercial Bollywood venture that places the spotlight firmly on domestic violence. It stars one of the biggest male stars in the history of Hindi cinema yet he is not the protagonist, nor does he position his role as a guest appearance. ...Read full review
Fifteen-year-old Vadodara-based girl Insiya has a great talent for singing and she dreams of becoming a famous singer. She is extremely close to her uneducated housewife mother (Meher Vij) who understands her daughters aspirations and supports within her own capacities. ...Read full review
Lost in her own thoughts during an English class, a distracted student is pulled up by the teacher and caned when she fails to explain the meaning of the word irony. Its a throwaway moment in the film Secret Superstar, in which a burkha, viewed by many as a symbol of oppression, becomes the very thing that liberates a young girl. ...Read full review
Secret Superstar is familiar, predictable, cunning, clichd and unabashed in its expression. But with this film, the term mainstream doesnt feel derogatory. ...Read full review
Dreams can sometimes be the blue print for life. They can inspire and they can help set goals. Knowing what you expect from life, can help you achieve it too. Secret Superstar is a film thats based on this simple but intimate premise. ...Read full review
We`ve had this genre for a while now. It`s called Aamir Khan is Too Perfect or He`s Imperfect But Will Have A Redemptive Arc Anyway. In Advait Chandan`s Secret Superstar, he plays a music director caricature, Shakti Kumar, a reality TV version of Anu Malik. ...Read full review