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Seizer (Malayalam)

Seizer (Malayalam)

30 Aug, 2019
2 hrs 20 mins
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Seizer (played by Chiranjeevi Sarja) and his hitman (played by V. Ravichandran) work as loan recovery agents in a private finance company. The main job of the two is to seize the vehicles from the defaulters, however, the hitman doesn`t hesitate to use force or even kill if need be. During one of their vehicle seizing operations, they get involved in a scuffle with the antagonist (played by Prakash Raj) and a series of violent encounters ensue.
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Seizer works as an agent who seizes cars for a financer when the parties fail to repay their loans. He is also killing people for a certain reason. What is Seizer trying to avenge through his moonlighting escapades? ...Read full review
This is the best of Yuva Samrat Chirajeevi Sarja from the days of Vayu Puthra! It is the best gift on the eve of his marriage. It is a Samhara as the police officer puts it at the end and releases him of no cases. That is Caesar for you. His task is to seize vehicle that were taken on loan and not refunded. He works under Crazy star and it is his finance company that does the serious job. ...Read full review
Has Chiranjeevi Sarja learnt lessons from his younger brother Dhruva Sarja? This is evident from the action feast Seizer of Chiranjeevi Sarja. Power Punches of Chiranjeevi Sarja is a lesson he learnt from home. Good for him to stand out in box office on the eve of his marriage with Megnana Raj! ...Read full review