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A political drama set in Uttar Pradesh.


01 Jul, 2016
2 hrs 12 mins
540 votes
5 186
4 106
3 115
2 49
1 74
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Shorgul is a political drama, based on real life incidents that rocked the Nation with headlining news in the past. The film is set on the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh bringing to light sensitive subjects that have occurred in our country. In addition, it brings out some controversial Political Mind Games & Master strokes of high profile dignitaries.
In the Movie, an Innocent Friendship between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl rapidly escalates into a political minefield, causing unrest and chaos in the state.
The matter snowballs in an interesting series of events and takes an unexpected turn, becoming a national issue in question.
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Based loosely on the Muzaffarnagar riots in Uttar Pradesh, Shorgul, directed by Jitendra Tiwari and P. Singh, is a political drama that fails to make a mark. It basically outlines a love triangle that is muddied with politics and religion. Jimmy Shergill and Ashutosh Rana have come together on screen after 13 long years in []... ...Read full review
It takes special kind of talent to make a film as contrived as Shorgul. Based loosely on 2013`s Muzzafarnagar riots, the makers attempt to bring forth the psyche behind misguided divisional politics. But the writing trivialises its noble purpose. An entire town is reduced to rubble just because of one love story gone wrong, is stretching your imagination too far. We could`ve bought it had the director delved deeper into the scheme of things. ...Read full review
Shorgul revolves around, how every now and then, Indian politicians take refuge of the Hindu-Muslim rivalry for their vote-banks. In this story, an innocent friendship between a Hindu boy, Raghu (Aniruddh Dave) and a Muslim girl Zainab (Suha Gezen) becomes fuel for the local politicians to raise an issue. ...Read full review
Theres potential to begin with. A luckless Hindu-Muslim romance. Weapons changing hands. Leaders readying to grab power at any cost. A ghar-waapsi situation. We even hear people mention such incendiary words as gau mata, so loaded that just their utterance can cause a fatal conflagration. ...Read full review
A thought-provoking movie based ostensibly on the Muzaffarnagar communal riots of 2013, it shows that no matter what religion or caste one belongs to, it`s a mammoth task to stand firm in one`s beliefs, and that the majority of people are always swept away into a mob mentality and hence, lose their identity. It also shows that people tend to use religion for their own personal gains. ...Read full review