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15 Sep, 2017
2 hrs 04 mins
25,179 votes
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Simran, a young Gujarati girl, who works as a housekeeper in the US, turns into a kleptomaniac and alcoholic after she becomes addicted to gambling.
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Verdict: A refreshing script in the Bollywood masala clutter. Kangana Ranaut is known for her brilliant performances and bringing life into a character. Now the Queen is back and she has taken up an even more complex role. She plays the bubbly yet scared, up-front yet confined character in and as Simran, portraying the two []... ...Read full review
There is something about Praful that makes her stand apart from the plethora of heroines seen on screen this year. She is overtly confident in her abilities, flawed and not easy to root for. She makes ample mistakes which add to her troubles and her honesty jeopardises her relationships both personal and professional. She is the master and commander of her fraught destiny. Having Kangana Ranaut play Praful is a masterstroke and the actress doesn`t let go off the opportunity to demonstrate her thespian talent. Alas it is wasted on an uneven film which struggles to navigate the different genres of offbeat comedy, family drama and a half-baked romance. ...Read full review
The nice thing about Simran is that it ventures into an area where the Bollywood heroine offers no defence for being a badass. The protagonist, a woman with an undaunted spirit, lives and loves by her own set of rules. She refuses to have `sex without protection` and is constantly up for adventure. She doesn`t think twice about slipping into a life of crime just to support her `character flaws`. So far so good. ...Read full review
Praful Patel, (Kangana Ranaut) a divorcee, lives with her parents in Atlanta. She works as a housekeeping staff in a hotel and wants to move out of her parents home. She has saved up money and the future looks promising. But a night in Las Vegas changes everything and she has no options left but to steal money. Soon, she finds herself deeper in trouble than ever before. How she comes out of it is the story of Simran. ...Read full review
First things first. If anyone had any doubt that an Indian leading lady cannot carry a full film on her shoulders, banish that thought. Kangana Ranaut drives from the front seat, and everyone else follows. ...Read full review
Robbing a bank is traditionally a man`s job. According to the FBI, the few women caught in bank robberies are mostly accomplices or driving the getaway car. Of course, the phrase "traditionally a man`s job" is anathema to Kangana Ranaut and the defiant characters she plays, which is why Simran - a story based on a real-life female bank robber - sounds tailored for the actress. At one point in the film during a quick Pretty Woman tribute, Ranaut, like Julia Roberts in the 90s film, covets dresses she can`t afford but, unlike Roberts, she`s the one who singlehandedly raises the money, goes back and shocks the sneering shopgirl. It is a smart and telling alteration. Kangana may well be a pretty woman, but she is also her own Richard Gere. ...Read full review
Praful Patel (Kangana Ranaut) is an independent room keeper looking to own a house in Atlanta. She has her parents living in the town but wants to live life on her own terms. Facing some family issues, Praful is one of those girls who will make you smile even if her life is a disaster. On a trip to Las Vegas to attend a bachelorette party of her cousin, Praful gets addicted to gambling. This is where the issue starts & this is where the film takes an unconventional route. ...Read full review
Kangana is funny, fiesty and full of life. The audience will surely be amazed at the kind of versatility the actress has shown. There are a few songs but not the ones which you will take home after the film gets over. The title track `Simran` by Sachin-Jigar is nice and breezy. ...Read full review
But there`s more reason to celebrate Simran than diss it. The quirky perspective at finding laughs in troubled times is a refreshing way of viewing problems. And then there`s Kangana, making badass look simple, human and so full of heart. ...Read full review
Kangana Ranaut or lets call her the empress of Bollywood is back with yet another spunky film, Simran. She has made headlines with her multiple controversies in the recent times. Her personal life turned upside down drastically and so have her film choices. Right from Queen to Tanu Weds Manu Returns, she has proven her worth on each occasions. Simran is a slice of life film but little weak on the storyline. It is definitely entertaining but it is strictly for Kangana Ranaut fans especially in the urban sectors and overseas markets. ...Read full review
Hansal Mehta`s cleverly titled new film Simran, starring Kangana Ranaut, has that rarest of things thats practically gone missing from the movies lately a compelling story at its core. Inspired by true events, the film is a fascinating account of an NRI woman who comes undone by her addiction to gambling. Its an interesting premise, and the film delivers despite glaring contrivances. ...Read full review
We all know that deliciously hilarious stereotype: The thepla-phaphra-eating, atrociously-accented Amreeki Gujarati, hailing from Patel Town, USA, who has the capacity to remain happily FOB for the rest of his/her life. ...Read full review
Not every intriguing criminal has a grandly tragic back story. Sometimes the ordinariness from which the epic, the brutal or the bizarre emerge is fascinating in itself. Simran, director Hansal Mehta tells me, is inspired by a spate of somewhat run-of-the-mill real-life bank robberies in the US in recent years, including the most prominent of the lot: the drama surrounding the woman who came to be known as America`s Bombshell Bandit, a young, glamorous Punjabi Sikh nurse called Sandeep Kaur who robbed a string of banks over a five-week period in the summer of 2014, before being arrested by the police following a high-speed highway car chase. ...Read full review
Simran is a brilliant performance trapped in a sloppy screenplay - ironical given the headline-hogging, fall-out between writer Apurva Asrani and Kangana Ranaut over writing credits. Actually, the writing is the weakest part of the film. ...Read full review
The big take away from Simran is the fact that Kangana Ranaut is one of a kind. Her skill set and total control over the craft of acting is pure joy to behold. Her performance is the soul of Simran. The movie deserves some praise too. This comedy is well-written and executed. The content is unmistakably American, influenced by its Atlanta, Georgia and Las Vegas setting. Sometimes, Simran is a little too American, but that`s a guilty pleasure worth having. ...Read full review
When Amrish Puri had freed his daughter`s hand in the climax of DDLJ, his assumptions about her future life, her Zindagi, had ended at the tight embrace of a lover. ...Read full review