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Sona Spa
You Can Buy Your Sleep Here

Sona Spa

22 Mar, 2013
1 hrs 46 mins
9 votes
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This world is full of Fame, Glamour and money but it lacks sleep. At `Sona Spa` you can buy your sleep! Anytime, day or night. Here, girls sleep for you, they are called sleep workers. Once the client and sleep worker have bonded, they will sleep for you and you can go on with your busy schedule. While they sleep, you will unwind and relax, but the sleep worker will have access to your dreams. In your dreams, you commit various crimes and now your sleep worker is the eye witness. Baba Dayanand (Naseeruddin Shah) runs the Sona Spa. He says - It is necessary to commit crimes in your sleep or else you will commit them while your awake. `Sona Spa` is based on a Hindi play, written and directed by Makrand Deshpande. The film brings the to light the grave issue of sleep deprivation which are responsible for unhealthy and exhausting lives we lead.
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The film mirrors the kind of lives we lead today. Through humour, it addresses the gravest tragedy. It also makes us wonder if it`s better to live a lie instead of succumbing to the harsh reality. The concept is great, but the execution could have been better. Sleazy Mr Choksi (one of the clients), Meenakshi`s shayari and never-ending philosophies, Ritu`s sister`s marital woes...various sub-tracks fail to engage you. ...Read full review
At SONA SPA, you can buy your sleep, just like you can a refrigerator, a house, or anything else off the counter. If you are sleep deprived, or so busy that you do not have time to sleep, Sona Spa offers you the luxury of sleep at a nominal cost. The outcome; you feel as refreshed and your body rested as though it is you who has just woken up from a deep slumber. But there is a catch here, the person sleeping for you has access to your dreams! ...Read full review
Sona Spa takes his usual pop-psychological sermonizing and sends it flying into another dimension. Wobbling precariously between half-baked magic realism, implausible science fiction and Madhur Bhandarkar-esque realistic (read: sleazy) filmmaking , Sona Spa makes for one confused piece of work, leaving ones cinematic sensibilities feeling similarly. ...Read full review
The plot fails to examine why and how this unscientific miracle becomes a possibility. Or how does the bonding between the client and the sleep worker turn into a transferable account of sleeptime? We simply never get to know. In fact, one of the sleep workers confesses in the middle of the film that she herself doesnt understand the dynamics of the whole process. Weird. Yes, there are a few sequences inspired by Fight Clubs opening scenes to make the layman realise that the whole thing is too neural but thats that. ...Read full review