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Star Trek Beyond (3D)
The adventures of the Enterprise crew.

Star Trek Beyond

22 Jul, 2016
2 hrs 02 mins
4,468 votes
5 1418
4 1741
3 933
2 180
1 144
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The USS Enterprise crew, which is led by Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), has been attacked by a powerful unstoppable wave of unknown aliens, who destroy the Enterprise, leaving them stranded on a new planet where they find themselves in conflict with a new ruthless enemy. They must find a way to escape the planet.
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Verdict: An amazing homage to the original and beyond. Space is the final frontier. A forty-nine-year-old TV franchise that has been converted into an animated series and rebooted numerous times has released its 13th movie in the third installment of the rebooted franchise - Star Trek Beyond. The Universe is said to be continuously expanding. []... ...Read full review
Abandon ship, Mr Sulu. Its not the defeat in Chris Pines voice. Its not the tragic, yet beautiful sight of the USS Enterprise burning through the sky as nameless red-shirts get sucked into the silence of space. Its not the relentless and systematic attack that caused it all. It took just four words, and everything struck home: Ive become really, really fond of this crew. And now, they are dying. ...Read full review
While Star Trek Beyond is chock-full of relentless action sequences (the first one, barely ten minutes into the film) and breathtaking space scenes, Lin and the writers of this film have taken things beyond just making stuff blow up in a dramatic fashion. A big part of the original Star Trek`s charm lay in the way the characters got along and you`ll see that here too. ...Read full review
Here is a movie where the emphasis is on good, old-fashioned fun, and that feels, in a good way, almost like an extended episode of the Trek TV show, right down to stranding the crew of the Enterprise on an alien world where the sets sometimes feel fashioned out of polystyrene. Its a movie that, in almost every word of Simon Pegg and Doug Jungs script, responds to the fans criticisms and says, We listened. ...Read full review
In taking over directing duties from JJ Abrams, Fast & Furious regular Justin Lin brings a lightness of touch and a genuine sense of fun to the new Star Trek movie that was traded for hefty emotional moments and forced melodrama in 2013s Star Trek: Into Darkness. This bouncy, lighthearted tone is the secret weapon of Star Trek Beyondits what separates the new film from this years mostly grim and cynical summer blockbusters starring those angst-filled superheroes. ...Read full review