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Target Kolkata

Target Kolkata

7 Dec, 2012
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The Ganges signifies the ebb and flow of life. The eternal source of inspiration, it infuses liveliness. So the banks of the Ganges have been the witness of the growth of Kolkata- the City of Joy. The city teaches us to thrive. It teaches us to fight. Somewhere in this city, grows up Ganga, unattended and unnoticed who dreams to be big and for whom sky is the limit.

His days pass by, building and rebuilding his dreams. Ganga is an expert and unparallel in anything and everything he does. He does not believe in segregating a work as good or bad. The fact that it is a work is enough for him. Gangas foster mother is the only one whom he can say as his kith and kin. One fine morning, out of nowhere the city witnesses an explosion. The administration becomes alert. Sources of the investigation department report that terrorists have entered the city and have planned to carry out serial bomb blasts across the citys important locations. Suryanarayan Choudhury is beckoned to shoulder the responsibility to thwart the terrorists conspiracy. Surya is an intelligent, smart, young person.

Determined for the protection of his country, he arrives at the city in the guise of a software engineer. Slowly but surely, he starts to weave his trap to capture the terrorists with impeccable expertise. Ratan and Jackie are Suryas trusted lieutenants. Suryas team is enveloping the city in the guise of retards, drunkards, vegetable vendors and roadside astrologers. Hidden cameras are keeping an eye on every nook and corner of the city, exposing the most shocking revelations. Meanwhile, Surya gets to know about three persons of the Sonagachi area- Master, Ganga and PM. Master teaches the orphans of the locality. The locals hero worship him. Ganga is the apple of Masters eyes. He visits Masters school every now and then and participates most generously in every social activity and is thus extremely popular in his locality. P.M is the master of Gangas nightlife. Graduating from a mere local gangster, today P.M is the man in control of Sonagachi. He pockets 75% share of the areas income. Apart from this, P.M is also an expert in jobs like smuggling and contract killing. Meanwhile, Maya, the only granddaughter of Mallik family visits Kolkata for the first time accompanied by two friends- Delhi resident Misha and a foreigner Aniya. Due to her fathers business being established in foreign, Maya has studied abroad since his childhood and thus the city is like a pleasant dream for her which she is savoring with a lot of amazement. The three friends rock the city together. But disaster struck when Maya is molested by Acid Bhais gang. At the extreme point of molestation, Ganga arrives at the scene and retaliates.

He handles Acid Bhais gang single-handedly and Maya survives the scare. Maya starts to recover slowly and she develops a weakness for Ganga. An uninhibited attraction leads to love. Meanwhile, in the course of his investigation, Surya learns that Acid Bhais gang is hell bent on taking revenge on Ganga and is thus seeking help of a traitor to kill him. Surya immediately rescues Ganga from the danger and brings him home. He treats and cures him. Surya tells Ganga I know that only you can stand by one and all in the days of danger of the city, of the country. Ganga, now aware of the situation wants to give everything for the cause. They develop a friendly juxtapose among themselves.

Meanwhile, Surya and Ganga, on the basis of various facts carry out guerilla attacks in search of terrorists. The media starts to campaign that terrorists are most likely to attack various densely populated areas of the city on 15th August. The administration declares a red alert and the police becomes extremely active. Combing operations are carried out. Finally, Surya reveals the identity of the mastermind of the terrorists to Ganga in a secret den. Only Ganga can identify the masterminds whereabouts. Ganga holds the key to spare the danger. On the eve of Independence Day, the entire city is possessed in agony.

Will the city be able to thwart the impending danger??
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