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The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower

English, Hindi
25 Aug, 2017
1 hrs 37 mins
1,354 votes
5 374
4 334
3 363
2 149
1 118
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Walter O'Dim, who is also known as the Man in Black, wants to destroy the Dark Tower, which holds the universe together. The only man who can stop him from doing so and save the universe, is Roland Deschain, the last Gunslinger.
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Verdict: Idris does it right, but all eyes are on McConaughey. The arrival of the Apocalypse is a subject often broached upon in Hollywood movies. Some filmmakers show it as the coming of aliens, others portray it as a natural calamity, while a few even show it as a human-induced disaster. But in every movie, there []... ...Read full review
Possibly the most hilarious bit of trivia about The Dark Tower is that Sony Pictures chose to premiere it at the MoMA the landmark Museum of Modern Art that has housed works by artists like Picasso, van Gogh and Dali, and has provided a venue for provocateurs like Marina Abramovi and Bjrk. Its a perplexingly deliberate move to inject some form of legitimacy to what has to be one of the strangest summer movies in recent memory. ...Read full review
New York kid Jake (Tom Taylor) is gifted. He sees visions that revolve around a mysterious `man in black` Walter (Matthew McConaughey) and his attack on the Dark Tower by using the power siphoned from telepathic children. As Jake`s nightmarish visions come to life, he comes across Roland (Idris Elba), the Gunslinger, who is immune to Walter`s psychic powers and has the ability to safeguard the tower that holds the universe together. The two must protect the world from Walter`s destructive plans. ...Read full review
In a middle of the blockbuster movie season, a generic action movie sticks out like sore thumb. But well regarded source material being turned into a generic action movie that really hurts. This is unfortunately the predicament of The Dark Tower a sour and disappointing action fantasy that simply fails to entertain. ...Read full review
The film is based on an eight-novel magnum opus by Stephen King, centred around the concept of good vs evil. Arcel, thankfully, has concised the first of these (surely there will be more) into a 95-minute film. ...Read full review
Stephen King`s sweeping sci-fi-fantasy-Western-horror epic, The Dark Tower, is full of cool lines, memorable characters and film-friendly imagery, but low on film-friendly brevity. Hollywood has been tinkering with the eight-book series for a decade and has here distilled elements of several of the books into one brief and for some reason PG package. ...Read full review
The Dark Tower is a series of eight books by Stephen King unfolding what I suppose youd call a mythos, via a salad of genres including science fiction, cosmic fantasy and the western. King fans were troubled to learn that the film adaptation would only be 95 minutes long; for most of us, thatll be more than plenty. Apparently conceived as a sequel to the books, this feels like an attempt to take Tolkien, The Matrix, Harry Potter, Shane and a rapidly axed TV mini-series or two and cram them all into a half-pint jug. ...Read full review
That weird kid Jake Chambers has been drawing again. His monochromatic works are singular in their theme featuring The Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey), seemingly a human, but commanding terrifying supernatural powers as well as a warlike goblinesque race, who don full human skins (and clothes, obviously; it isn`t THAT kind of fantasy film) to fit and also please their boss` apparent sense of aesthetics. ...Read full review