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The Post

The Post

12 Jan, 2018
1 hrs 55 mins
12,688 votes
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In the early 1970s, U.S. strategic analyst and anti-war activist Daniel Ellsberg leaks classified documents pertaining to the real nature and extent of America's involvement in the Vietnam War to several leading newspapers. The publication of these documents, known as The Pentagon Papers, creates a furore and triggers an unprecedented battle between journalists and the government. At the forefront of this crusade against political hypocrisy are The Washington Post's first female publisher Kay Graham and its firebrand editor Ben Bradlee, and they must risk their careers and personal freedom to bring the truth to light and uphold the spirit of fearless journalism.
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Verdict: Hanks and Streep shine, but The Post offers much more. In an era of cheque journalism, it is satisfying to see movies that restore your faith in the press. Directed by Steven Spielberg, The Post is the political thriller set in the early 1970s. It depicts the period when journalists from The Washington Post published the Pentagon Papers, []... ...Read full review
Spielberg rushed this film, about the pressures brought upon by the Nixon administration on newspapers seeking to publish the Pentagon papers, owing to the man who occupies the White House now. He couldnt have imagined there would be another, happier coincidence. ...Read full review
Steven Spielberg`s latest film The Post salutes Ellsberg - the film begins with him experiencing the Vietnam war first hand, before he speaks his mind to then US secretary of defence Robert McNamara, that America was losing the South East Asian conflict. ...Read full review
A newsroom can be an intoxicating place to be in. On certain days, tickets could be sold to the public for them to experience the electricity that surges through its coldly lit paths. Huddles form at every clearing, every desk becomes a meeting room, and the Editor-in-Chiefs cabin takes on the appearance of a government office in a small town, with harried reporters and editors barging in and out. A newsroom is no place for manners. ...Read full review
The Post chronicles the events that led to the revelation of the infamous Pentagon Papers a secret set of documents that detailed Americas involvement in the Vietnam war as well as the systemic destabilisation it caused to neighbouring nations to enable the war. The papers and the following investigation brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon, who hated the press. ...Read full review
Fuelled by the turn of events in the US over the past year, Spielberg put together this high-profile project in a tight 6 months from shoot to screen. For this task, he assembled some of the finest character actors working in Hollywood today, bringing heavy-hitters Hanks and Streep together for the first time on-screen. All these talented individuals sparkle in a blend of classic storytelling - something that only an auteur like Spielberg could pull off in such a quick turnaround time. ...Read full review
With its themes of fighting to uphold the freedom of the press, and the importance of honest, uncompromised journalism, its not hard to see why Steven Spielbergs new film The Post feels especially relevant today even though it mostly takes place during one week in 1971. ...Read full review