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Tholi Prema

Tholi Prema

10 Feb, 2018
2 hrs 16 mins
102,153 votes
5 58866
4 27218
3 10166
2 2434
1 3449
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The film is about a young man Aditya who falls in love with Varsha, but soon have to part their ways. Over the years, however the fate reunites them time and again. But will they manage to end up together?
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Verdict: Varun Tej repeats the magic of Fidaa! Fresh from the super success of Fidaa, Mega Prince Varun Tej comes back yet again with a love story, ``Tholi Prema``. The title of the movie instantly reminded the fans of the original ``Tholi Prema`` emerged as one of the biggest hits in those times, changing the image []... ...Read full review
Love stories pose a unique problem its almost always the same story where boy-meets-girl, they fight, and then they reunite in the end (or they dont, in some cases). Its hard to break away from the template or so it seems. Tholiprema, written and directed by newcomer Venky Atluri, too sticks to the same template of a quintessential love story, but then it catches you off-guard. ...Read full review
Tholi Prema is the story of Aditya(Varun) who meets Varsha(Raashi Khanna) on a train to Hyderabad from Vishakapatnam and instantly falls for her. The couple get separated and meet again in college. Their love story starts there and faces some hurdles due to continous arguments. How they resolve their issues and make their love win forms the crux of the movie. ...Read full review
Tholi prema is a cute little love story of an impulsive boy Aditya and a calculated girl Varsha. This Love, Break-up and Love themed story is a reflection of current generation youth. ...Read full review
Aditya (Varun Tej) comes with this attitude of taking up challenges, especially so when the other one challenges him. It`s love at first sight for him when he meets a bespectacled, innocent-looking, Varsha (Rashi Khanna) immediately after a near-death experience. ...Read full review
Writer-turned-director Venky Atluri has taken a simple feel-good, love-hate-love-hate romantic script that talks about the highs and lows of a couples relationship over six years. A boy accidentally meets a girl on a moving train, he falls in love at first sight and the girl eventually falls for him sometime later. They are madly in love with each other only to split and when destiny makes them meet again, what happens? ...Read full review
Debutant director Venky Atluris Tholi Prema is heavily indebted to all the romantic films that have been made in India thus far. Not one scene in the film or how the love story plays out between the leading characters look unfamiliar. ...Read full review
Aditya (Varun Tej) happens to meet Varsha (Rashi Khanna) in a train journey and later at same engineering college and falls in love but split again for some reasons.They meet again six years later in London, more or less in the same company.Whether his love is accepted again by Varsha or not and problems they face is to be seen on screen to be relished. ...Read full review
Aditya alias Adi (Varun Tej) falls in love with Varsha (Raashi Khanna) in a certain train journey and the love track continue as a two way street. Both join the same college in Hyderabad and pursue their engineering degrees. The pure and divine relationship hits an unexpected dead end due to an unanticipated instance. ...Read full review
`Tholi Prema` is a new-age millennial romance reflecting on the various twists and turns Aaditya (Varun Tej) and Varsha (Raashi Khanna)`s relationship takes through various years. There are no specific evil villains opposing their love and there`s no such thing as perfection in their relationship. Aadi and Varsha are our everyday youngsters, struggling to make their relationship work and trying to understand where it all goes wrong. ...Read full review