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Trisha Ledha Nayanthara
A modern outlook towards love!

Trisha Ledha Nayanthara

05 Nov, 2015
2 hrs 11 mins
389 votes
5 75
4 63
3 99
2 52
1 90
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The film revolves around GV Prakash`s character that goes through different stages of life - from school, to college and career. It talks about the views of youth on love. The story underlines the importance of not giving up hope after a break-up.
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GV Prakash Kumar, after a well received Darling, comes back as a young lad with hormonal overflow in Trisha Illana Nayanthara (TIN). Some people listen to their hearts and some to their brains... Trisha Illana Nayanthara is a story of a young lad who is guided by neither, but his testosterones. ...Read full review
Trisha Illana Nayanthara managed to stir curiosity right from the word go. So what exactly does this adult comedy has to offer? Continue reading our movie review to know. ...Read full review
Trisha Illana Nayanthara is a new generation comedy entertainer which deals with the views of the present generation youth on love and virginity, which is directed by Adhik Ravichandran and the movie features G. V. Prakash, Anandhi and Manisha Yadav in lead roles. ...Read full review
The movie is an `Adults Only` thing and it might bother you little. Kindly don`t watch this with your family members. But still it is a light hearted entertainer which you can enjoy alone. The witty one-liners and the real life incidents can make you fall in love with the movie. But still you can see lots of profanity and vulgarity everywhere. If you are taking your family to watch this movie, it is not the right kinda movie for you. This is like the movie, which has to be watched aloof in a room. Director Aadhik has conveyed a much needed message. But the way he conveyed was too harsh. He just has labeled all the girls are same. Some characters like `CD shop owner`, `Sengal Psycho` were beautifully sketched in the screenplay portion. As we said, this movie is enjoyable only if you are alone. ...Read full review
Certain double meaning dialogues have been executed well. A good amount of fun is generated during the first half which makes the proceedings breezy. G V Prakash is just about ok in his role. Simran makes her presence felt with her cameo and VTV Ganesh`s punch dialogues work well. Bus Stop Anandi is best of the lot and gives a decent performance with her expressions and screen presence. Manisha Yadav does a passable job and ends up as just an eye candy in the film. ...Read full review