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Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil
12 Oct, 2018
1 hrs 53 mins
46,496 votes
5 28761
4 11235
3 3783
2 1053
1 1616
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A mythological story about a goddess who created the entire universe. The plot revolves around the consequences when humans build a temple for her first-born.
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Verdict: A spine-chilling horror film that does not rely on jump-scares. Ever since Tumbbad premiered at the 33rd Venice Critics Week (and was the first Indian film to be screened there), many have been eagerly awaiting its theatrical release. Most reviews say that the film has reinvented the horror genre and rightly so. It is very difficult to categorize Tumbbad in a genre as it goes beyond and... ...Read full review
Tumbbad is a gorgeous looking, intriguing morality tale which both entrances and repulses: its not something I will forget. ...Read full review
Tumbbad is a place of charming beauty and conniving supernatural agencies. It entices, engages and eggs you on to the womb of Mother Nature. ...Read full review
The joy of watching Tumbbad comes from the fact that Barve and his co-writers offer no answers, making this a delightfully intriguing film. ...Read full review
Tumbbad is a moody and atmospheric film. Some viewers may find the film a little too deep and disturbing, but fans of Hollywood horror films will be reminded of memorable movies in the genre like Pans Labyrinth (2006) and Eraserhead (1977). This one is genuinely scary. ...Read full review
Directed by Rahi Anil Barve and shot by the incredible Pankaj Kumar, Tumbbad is a visually startling film that seeks to surprise instead of scare. It plays out like a Panchatantra tale narrated by a drunk and inappropriate uncle, a story that has a very simple moral core this one is about golden eggs and golden geese but has bits that get under the skin. This is not a horror movie, nor does it create a particularly substantial myth, but the little gothic details are delicious. ...Read full review
Tumbbad has both, the beauty and horror of imagination, and it stalks you gently, long after youve left the theatre. ...Read full review
Unlike a typical horror film where you have the spirit haunting the protagonist and his family, Tumbbad turns the table with Vinayak exploiting Hastar instead for his insatiable greed. That`s exactly what makes the film stand out from the rest. ...Read full review
It may not be too much of a stretch to say that, instead of a haunted house, Tumbbad is about a haunted nation, possessed not by the devil but by the past. Its been a while since something (apparently) genre-based turned out so rich and mysterious, so defiantly its own thing. ...Read full review
What doesnt kill you, makes you more resilient. And if you survive the version of Beelzebub in this film, you surely have the liver for heart-pounding horror. ...Read full review
Sohum Shah starrer Tumbbad can be a start of an era where filmmakers can enjoy their creative freedom to churn out some fresh content. ...Read full review
Either way, what we have here though is actually an artsy, gutsy mix of mythology, history, horror, and moral science. Do these elements seamlessly add up for you to naturally feel for the characters in the story? Honestly, no. Does the incredibly strong visual craftsmanship (rare for an Indian indie) satisfyingly guide you into a world hitherto unseen/unknown? Oh, absolutely. ...Read full review
The hero of this film is a relentless gold-digger. Very much on the lines of his modus operandi, the makers keep pursuing the film long after their creative gold mine has run empty. Does the climax save Tumbbad? Somewhat. ...Read full review