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05 Oct, 2018
1 hrs 53 mins
98,911 votes
5 58898
4 27394
3 9116
2 1803
1 1684
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Eddie Brock, a journalist, stumbles upon a story that lands him in big trouble, and he becomes the host to an alien Symbiote, which in turn gives him unimaginable powers. Bringing Marvel's one of the most enigmatic, complex, and badass characters to the big screen as Tom Hardy plays the role of the lethal protector, Venom.
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Verdict: Tom Hardy is the perfect host for this angsty symbiote. It`s no news that there are plenty of superhero movies and franchises currently. But they are mostly about a hero that`s trying to save the world. Venom, on the other hand, is about someone who`s mostly trying to save himself. Director Ruben Fleischer is here with a film that`s darkly funny and immensely entertaining, mostly because ... ...Read full review
Tom Hardy proves that hes more than equipped to play the sentient symbiote, but this film is concerned mainly with stomping from one plot point to the next, at the cost of character development. ...Read full review
Its baffling that even in this era of Logans and Deadpools, they didnt have the courage to go all-out with a character that positively demands a film as bonkers as Hardys performance. But there you have it, in the end hes the antidote to this poisonously mediocre film. ...Read full review
Thank deity of choice then for Tom Hardy. His Eddie Brock/Venom and their pitch-perfect best frenemy dynamic is the only reason this film doesnt have a mere one-star rating. Hardy, whos made something of a career out of breathing life and personality into faceless/masked characters is in his element here (he also does Venoms gravelly voice). And since the actor has signed off on two more Venom films, we can only hope the (different) makers of those films give Hardy more face(less) time. ...Read full review
A wisecracking, sarcastic anti-hero, bent on taking out the villain who turned him into a mutant mess. Youre thinking Deadpool arent you? But Im actually talking about Tom Hardy in and as half-man, half-alien Venom. Despite starring a charming leading man, and featuring some heavy-duty set pieces with a smattering of witty scenes, this movie simply isnt the fun amusement park ride that Deadpool was. ...Read full review