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Thrissur, Trivandrum


29 Mar, 2018
2 hrs 11 mins
4,012 votes
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3 604
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Binu Sebastian, a small-time advocate, makes his living by taking up petty cases and leads a simple life. His life takes a drastic turn when he stumbles upon a sensational case and decides to take it up.
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Even though it is predictable, the movie Vikadakumaran feels less annoying as it manages to squeeze in a half baked poetic justice idea at the end of it. The movie isnt great in any of its technical aspects. But in totality you wont feel it is a bad film. ...Read full review
The laugh riot takes a serious turn with the entry of the baddie in the movie, played by Jinu Joseph. The second half is filled with thrilling moments and narrates the brilliance of the underdog advocate in solving a sensation case. The case becomes a turning point for Binu and his friends. ...Read full review
The film does take its own time to fall into the track. In fact, there are some dragging moments in the initial portions of the first half. Towards the second half, the movie does shift gears and things get more and more interesting towards the climax, with some well-placed twists. This inconsistent pace does affect the overall viewing experience of the film. At the same time, you have to keep aside logic to enjoy some of the portions. ...Read full review
To be fair to Vikadakumaran, it is not unbearable. It is unoriginal and contrived. Is it better for a film to be terrible than to be so mediocre that it is easily forgotten within an hour? Perhaps the director can help us find the answer to that question. ...Read full review
Vikadakumaran is a decent Entertainer that will make as laugh as well as thrilled and is a good watch for this season with families, with Easter-Vishu and post-exam vacations look like Vikadakumaran can earn enough from Kerala box office. ...Read full review
Vikadakumaran is the second movie from Boban Samuel, the director of 2013 Malayalam comedy thriller which was a box office success. The movie stars Kattappanayile Rithwick Roshan duo Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Dharmajan Bolagatty in the lead roles and is billed to be in the same genre as directors previous movie. Indrans, Byju, Seema G Nair, Sunil Sukhada and Jinu Joseph among others form the cast of Vikadakumaran while Rahul Raj composes music and Ajay David Kachappilly is the cinematographer. ...Read full review

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