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Vikram Vedha

Vikram Vedha

21 Jul, 2017
2 hrs 27 mins
54,603 votes
5 41398
4 10770
3 1555
2 286
1 584
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Vikram is a ruthless, no-nonsense cop who, along with his team, is on a lookout to nab a dreaded gangster, Vedha. While Vikram sees all things as black and white, Vedha, a worldly wise man, doesn't hold the same thinking as Vikram's, leading to a powerful clash between the two ideologies.
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Verdict: R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi make it hard to decide who is better. Gangster films are not new to us. This is perhaps that one subject that we know will always have a cliched storyline. How many gangster or crime thrillers can you remember while reading this? May be a few iconic films like []... ...Read full review
Nearly 30 minutes into the film, we are introduced to Vedha (Vijay Sethupathi), a wanted gangster, who is being hunted by a unit of encounter specialists headed by Vikram (R. Madhavan). ...Read full review
Vikram Vedha, in every sense, is truly path-breaking and all credit goes to its writer and director duo Pushkar-Gayatri, the husband-wife duo who has made a strong comeback after seven years with a film thatll be remembered for, say, the next seven years. Not only is their film entertaining from start to finish, its equally engaging and it succeeds in piquing the intellect of audiences like no recent Tamil film. ...Read full review
Vikram Vedha is a freestyle adaptation of the famous tales of Vikram and Betal. You know the story. We have all grown up with these characters. But how you present the same story is the question. We`ve had filmmakers who have tried several forms of storytelling. But re-telling a story with the same effect is perhaps the reason why Vikram Vedha stands out. ...Read full review
Generally, the term well-crafted film is used to describe a film that has been made well, but with Vikram Vedha, it applies to not just the filmmaking, but the script, too. Directors Pushkar and Gayatri have borrowed the conceit of King Vikramadityan and the Vedhalam, and constructed an elaborate puzzle, setting their story in the cops and gangsters genre. ...Read full review