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To fly was his dream..to love was his destiny!


22 Dec, 2017
2 hrs 27 mins
8,423 votes
5 3995
4 1230
3 832
2 385
1 1969
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Vimaanam is based on the life of Saji Thomas, a differently-abled man from Kerala. It showcases how Saji, who had speech and hearing impairment, fought all odds and built a lightweight aircraft from recycled materials without any external support.
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Verdict: Prithvi shines yet again. The time every Malayalam movie fan waits for in the second half of every year has finally arrived. Yes, Christmas releases! Not one, not two but five much awaited movies have hit the big screen this week. All big starrer movies, Malayalam movie fans like me are spoilt for choice. []... ...Read full review
Vimaanam, inspired by the real-life story of Saji M Thomas, a speech and hearing impaired person, is the debut of director Pradeep M Nair. Set in a small village in Kerala, sometime in the pre-internet, Ambassador car erfa, it shows a young boy, who has no access to aeroplanes or their machinery, dreaming of making and flying an aircraft one day. ...Read full review
TE Lawrence`s words in the book Seven Pillars of Wisdom aptly describes the story of a young man Venkidi (Prithviraj) from Kerala who dreams of flying in a self-made airplane. In life, it is hard to find your true passion, but the path towards the fulfillment of the dream is a harder voyage. Vimaanam is about the struggles Venkidi goes through in his attempt to touch the sky and to emerge victorious in love. Does he finally fly? Or do his efforts go in vain? Watch the movie and find out. ...Read full review
The right way to look at the world is through your heart. For, what is essential is invisible to the eyes, says aeronautical engineer J Venkateswaran (Prithviraj Sukumaran) after receiving an award for excellence in his field from the President. ...Read full review
Vimaanam, from its beginning, makes it a point to tell us that it is all about Venkidi`s dream. It works, and we do feel connected to Venkidi`s dream, thanks to the small-yet-strong performance by child artist Eric Anil. Then on, it oscillates between flashback and the present where Prithviraj is seen as a 50-year-old and 20-year-old. ...Read full review
Earlier this year, Srikant Muralis Aby told the story of a boy from Kerala whose only dream was to fly. Now, Pradeep M Nair comes up with his version of the I-want-to-build-a-plane story, Vimaanam (Aeroplane). The arc is the same: dream, get mocked, fail, face criticism, fail, succeed. But here, theres an intense romance at the centre, between Venkidi (Prithviraj Sukumaran) and Janaki (the charming Durga Krishna). ...Read full review