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Ye Maaya Chesaave

Ye Maaya Chesaave

26 Feb, 2010
549 votes
5 441
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When assistant director Karthik falls in love with a conservative girl, Jessie, she is more shocked than impressed. Moreover, her Christian parents do not consent to the match. Does Karthik manage to convince her to marry him?
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Karthik (Naga Chaitanya) is at a stage of his life where he has finished his engineering and his parents want him to take up a job. But he wants to be a film director. It`s at this time that Jessie (Samantha) walks into his life. She lives in a flat above Karthik`s parents. A smitten Karthik tries to woo her. The only hitch is she`s a Malayalee Christian and two years older than him. The film has a feel-good effect. It`s yet another film which shows that love transcends religious boundaries, and here age too. The fact that the heroine is older is quite reflective of the times today. ...Read full review
After a not-so-impressive debut vehicle (Josh), Naga Chaitanya returns in a refreshing rom-com and this time around he steals your heart. He plays an endearing lover boy, (something that his grandpa ANR and dad Nagarjuna had excelled in at one time) and actually does a good job of it. In the film, Chaitanya plays the role of a lively, glib, passionate young man who pursues his love with great zeal. His perseverance in fact, transforms even an unyielding and traditional girl (Samantha) and makes her shrug off her initial inhibitions about love and marriage. ...Read full review
This offbeat Telugu feature, starring newbies Naga Chaitanya and Samantha is consistently interesting, always intelligent and surprisingly provocative in the most unexpected of ways. No doubt `Ye Maaya Chesave` is a very idiosyncratic take on the genre, but it works because of Menon`s ability to challenge viewer expectations. The product is joyfully alive with possibility, from a filmmaker willing to take big gambles and force them to pay off, and with a lead actor (Chaitanya) who has the courage to redefine his dubious `Josh` image. `Ye Maaya Chesave` is easily one of the best and most exciting Telugu movies of all time, it signals the arrival of a metamorphosis in the tired, often tread desi romantic fillum formula. ...Read full review