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21 Dec, 2018
2 hrs 38 mins
156,893 votes
5 58518
4 20861
3 21918
2 13876
1 41688
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The story revolves around Bauua Singh, a vertically challenged man, who is full of charm and wit, with a pinch of arrogance. Born to a wealthy family and raised in an environment of affluence and indulgence, Bauua was never failed by Meerut or its people. But when he meets two women, his experiences with these women take him on a journey to complete his incompleteness' and broaden his horizons to find a purpose he never knew he had.
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Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma make the first part of Zero flat-out fantastic, an unabashed charm-offensive. It is as the film continues, and gets more fanciful, that the seams start to show. ...Read full review
At first go, `Zero` makes you light and easy, which is good, but the problem is that it doesnt really take you on that flight of entertainment, which you set out for. ...Read full review
The film gets passable performances from its lead actors. Shah Rukh Khan is impressive as Bauua Singh. He gets into his a few-sizes-smaller shoes and does the Meerutiya act well. Anushka Sharma does a forgettable Stephen Hawking. Katrina Kaif burns everyone around her... to borrow a line from Shah Rukh Khan, "She is soooo hot ... that we have to keep her in a tub on the sets." But beyond her `hotness`, Katrina Kaif is the usual Katrina Kaif in a Khan film. ...Read full review
Zero gets marks for Shah Rukh`s experiment into a space less traveled. If you`re curious, go ahead, amuse yourelf. ...Read full review
So, at the end of the day, is Zero worth a watch? If you love SRK, Anushka and Katrina, then hell yeah, because they make for a deadly trio on screen. However, beware of the absurdity that the second half ensues, which will literally drive you to Mars, no pun intended. ...Read full review
Just when the audience was beginning to write the Khans off, Zero is a gentle reminder that with a great director at the helm of affairs, a Khan film will continue drawing its audience. Its a Merry Christmas at the box-office, this weekend. ...Read full review
Its the acting which carries the day. Anushka Sharma, as the woman who hasn`t let her condition get in the way of her intellect or ambition delivers another powerful performance. Its not only an emotional rollercoaster of a role but has a physical side to it as well and she aces delivering both facets. Katrina has been given the most real role of her life so far and has run away with it. She makes you see the grime beneath the glamour and one can feel shes having a lot of fun doing a role that kind of demystifies the film industry. Shah Rukh Khan is experimenting with each film and must be admired for his zeal to attempt something out of the ordinary and not playing it safe. He has given it all to the film and makes you believe in Bauaas madness even in the films most fantastical scenes. ...Read full review
Admirably Bauua doesnt indulge in self-pity, and the filmmakers dont make a play for your sympathy. ...Read full review