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Zila Ghaziabad

Zila Ghaziabad

22 Feb, 2013
2 hrs 25 mins
43 votes
5 18
4 7
3 0
2 1
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`Zilla Ghaziabad` is based on the gang war between two powerful rival groups of Gurjars, one led by Satbir Gurjarl (Vivek Oberoi) and the other led by Mahender Fauji Bainsla (Arshad Warsi) during the 1990s and the role of controversial police officer, Pritam Singh (Sanjay Dutt). The film is based on a series of real life incidents that happened in the 90`s in Ghaziabad. Mahendra Fauji Bainsla was an ex- Indian Army official and had participated in the Indo-Pak 1965 and 1971 war.
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It takes a special kind of talent to make a film like Zila Ghaziabad.The film evokes laughter, exasperation, and fear, but in all the wrong places.Supposedly based on a real life rivalry between two Gujjar families in Ghaziabad, Anand Kumars Zila Ghaziabad is a treasure trove of unintended humour - but that too gets tiresome, to say the least.The seemingly unapologetic disregard for authenticity is especially noteworthy.The story is set in a place that is never identified in the film. While it is established by way of random item numbers that the story is set in Ghaziabad district, it is referred to as a city, village, and district by various characters at various points in the film.Pritam [ Images ] Singh Chauhan (played by Sanjay Dutt [ Images ]), a cop with a shady reputation, who has been charged with dealing with the warring families, has massive tattoos on his arm. ...Read full review
Body & Blood Count Warning: Enter `Zilla Ghaziabad` (the movie) at your own bullet-ridden risk. With bullet-proof jackets, reloaded ammo and ready-for-assault - of senses and sensibilities - at the rate of one gunshot every few minutes. Riddled with grotesque characteristics and cliches of most gang-banger films, the set-up is simple - a gaon full of goondas with golis and gaalis. Add to that endless ensemble - unscrupulous politicians, perilous panchayats, chhamiyas in itsy-bitsy cholis and some maa-behens Save yourself a trip to `ZG`. Visit a re-run of `GodZILLA` instead! ...Read full review
The protests are similar to what Wasseypur witnessed when the film on the rather adventurous supposedly crime-infested life in Jharkhand was released. Talking about the premature protests, producer Vinod Bachchan says, ``But the people of Wasseypur were upset after they saw Anurag Kashyap`s film. In my case, they`re jumping to the conclusion that Zila Ghaziabad portrays their town in a bad light without seeing the film.`` So far the film has not been screened for any audience. But now on Wednesday, Vinod Bachchan along with the film`s writer Vinay Sharma will travel to Ghaziabad to show the film to a selected audience. ``We`re going to invite the sensible section of people in Ghaziabad whose opinion is valued in the area, to see our film and judge whether we`ve portrayed Ghaziabad in an unflattering light,`` says the confident producer. Bachchan is sure once the local intelligentsia sees the film on Wednesday it would automatically move away from the area of suspicion. ...Read full review