• Director, Music, Singer

Apr 03, 1955  in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Padma Shri Hariharan - one of the pioneers of Indian Fusion music is among the most sought-after and respected singer of our country who has carved a unique niche for himself. He has ardent fans not just across India but around the world. Among many other awards, Hariharan has two high ranking national awards to his credit i.e. Padma Shri and Yesudas. He has sung over 5000 songs in more than 5 Indian languages. A versatile singer and a composer Hariharan is equally popular and at ease in different genres of music including Ghazals, Carnatic Classical as well as Jazz and Fusion. He also invented a new style called Ghazal Blues which is received very well. His 2020 release includes Tattaad.