• Actor, Director, Writer, Screenplay

Nov 20, 1956  in Andhra Pradesh, India

Also Known as: Nallamilli Bamireddy

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Vamsi is a National Film Award winning Indian director, screenwriter and music director who is best known for his work in the Telugu film industry. Since his directorial debut in 1982, he has directed close to 30 films and has won a National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu for the 1984 drama film Sitaara. Significant among his filmography as a director are Aalaapana (1985), Ladies Tailor (1985), April 1st Vidudhala (1990), Joker (1993), Avunu Valliddaru Ista Paddaru! (2002), Anumanaspadam (2007) and Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor (2017). Besides these, he has also served as the music director on a handful of films, most notably Kannayya Kittayya (1993), Prema & Co (1994) and Neeku 16 Naaku 18 (1994).