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Amma I Love You

15 Jun, 2018
2 hrs 27 mins
3,197 votes
5 2091
4 620
3 198
2 66
1 214
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Crisis transform people; some are left scarred and shattered, while other eventually cope and emerge stronger. Amma, I Love You focusses on the life of the most important person in everyone's lives - their mothers. The movie sheds light on the struggles that a mother goes through and how she deals with those struggles and emerges a different and rather stronger person.
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There has been a lot of curiosity about this film for many reasons. It brings together KM Chaitanya, Yogish Dwarakish and Chiranjeevi Sarja together once again. It is the 51st film from the Dwarakish Chitra banner, after a successful Chowka. It also is the remake of the successful Tamil emotional action drama Pichaikaran. With so much expectations lined up, does it hold fort? It does, to a large extent. The film manages to entertain with some funny sequences, thrill in the action scenes and also tug the heart during those emotional scenes. One only wishes the pace was a tad quicker at times. ...Read full review
Chiranjeevi has done total justice to his role. It would have been great if he had shed some extra pounds to look fitter and younger. Sithara as the lead`s mother is okay while Nishvika is adequate. ...Read full review
What a wonderful emotion packed commercial entertainer from Dwarakish Chitra. This is the best of Chiranjeevi Sarja although it is a remake of Pichchakkaran, it is a tribute to mother from this film team. ...Read full review
What happens when a very rich person has to hide his identity and become a beggar for 48 days? A person who never had any reason to ask anyone for anything has to beg for food and sustain himself. This story based on a real incident is beautifully made into a film by KM Chaitanya. The real incident is about a man who became a beggar for six months for the sake of his mother. In the film, the hero has to become a beggar for 48 days but it is still a task filled with dangers and humiliation. Does he succeed and save his mother? Watch the film for this feel good film. ...Read full review