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Sudani from Nigeria

Sudani from Nigeria

23 Mar, 2018
2 hrs 03 mins
22,607 votes
5 14447
4 5775
3 1454
2 303
1 618
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Sudani From Nigeria is about an African football player and a local football club manager from Malappuram, Kerala.
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Verdict: With a quirky name and a fresh approach, it is worth every minute of your time. Produced under the banner of E4 Entertainment by Sameer Thahir and Shyju Khalid, the movie is directed and scripted by newbie Zakariya. The film has Soubin Shahir in the lead along with Nigerian actor Samuel Abiola Robinson. Veteran theatre actors Savithri Sreedharan and Sara... ...Read full review
The name Sudani from Nigeria is unique, but it does have a lazy downmarket tinge to it. And when you see the actors featured on its posters, most of whose faces arent quite familiar or rank among our top artistes, its easy to judge it as a project that might not offer much. All of the impressions are quashed soon after this refreshing sports drama begins and casually moves forward like a neighbourhood tale. This film shows how a story with a strong spine and actors of calibre can still put together a wonderfully entertaining and touching tale. ...Read full review
Soubin Shahir`s performance is what steers the film through. Be it comedy or an emotional scene, he has given his best. Samuel has also done justice to his role. While some supporting actors showed sparks of natural acting, some performances looked forced. To sum it up, Sudani From Nigeria is a comparatively low budget film that has all the components of a good family entertainer. ...Read full review
One may look back at Sudani and wonder whether there was any novelty in its plot. It could even be counted as highly predictable, with an African face for the novelty quotient. And we have no dearth of films cashing in on compassion. What saves the film from ending up as yet another sports-themed drama or a mere tear-jerker is its painstaking attention to detail. What makes it endearing is the amazing screen presence of the two lead women. What lends it meaning is the way parallels have been drawn across human suffering in two distinct geographies, and the bonds they create. ...Read full review
There is something very beautifully poignant about the way relationships are defined in Sudani from Nigeria. Here, a bunch of rustic characters are bound by the deep, raw and selfless affection that is rarely overt but with anintense warmth that is overwhelming. And, football is just a trope here to narrate a heart tale of humanity,unconditional love and life. It is nothing, but pureemotions that dominate the screen and you cannot help but get carried away by the beauty of it. ...Read full review