3 Gante 30 Dina 30 Second

3 Gante 30 Dina 30 Second

19 Jan, 2018
2 hrs 29 mins
3,157 votes
5 2911
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3 23
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3 Gante 30 Dina 30 Second showcases how a reality game that takes place between the hero and the heroine for 3 hours, leads them into facing complications for 30 days, but in the end, gets solved in 30 seconds.
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Verdict: A heart-warming film that gives us a deeper understanding of a complex emotion that is love. 3 Gante 30 Dina 30 second is a love story written and directed by Madhusudhan G K. This is a story of a reality game that takes place between the hero and the heroine, which are portrayed by []... ...Read full review
Avinash (Aru Gowda) is a young lawyer. He solves cases in a street-smart fashion. During one such case that he chooses to close in three hours, he encounters Sharmila (Kavya Shetty), a feisty news reader who he challenges to a wager of falling in love with him in 30 days. What happens next? ...Read full review
Madhusudhan G K, who makes debut in Sandalwood as a director, has done a commendable job. It is not there are no mistakes in narration but such mistakes can be ignored since it is the first film for Madhusudhan who handled megaphone for advertisement films. It is about Avinash (Aru Gowda), a young and energetic advocate who is an expert in solving cases. Avinash decides to solve one case in three hours. While doing so, he happens to meet Sharmila (Kavya Shetty), a news reader of a TV channel. She has the capacity even to replace a chief minister. What happens to Avinash and Sharmila is the climax. ...Read full review
3 Gante 30 Dina 30 Second is a thriller, every second of it. It is several thrilling elements packed into one quick and fast narrative that gives goosebumps to the audience in every scene. The first scene is about how the hero solves a very complicated problem in just three hours. ...Read full review
Fancy watching TV programmes on the big screen? Do you love absurd news channel panel discussions pretending to be larger than life? Is hearing repetitive arguments and statements about love your favourite pastime? Are you thirsting for an intellectual discussion on chemical reactions inside the human body? If one or more of these excites you, 3 Gante 30 Dina 30 Second is your cup of joy. ...Read full review
Brainshare Creations has used its brain brilliantly and given a well crafted family film with twists and turns that are essential part of a commercial cinema. Except that the film is lengthy there is no flaw from newcomer GK Madhusudhan, the artists and technicians have contributed so well to the needs of the production team. ...Read full review
A film by debutant GK Madhusudhan for Brainshare Creations Chandrasekhar Padmashali and his friends is a top class film with arguments and counter arguments on love. For those who want to fall in love and already in love have something to learn from the study of this director in `3 Gante 30 Dina 30 second`. ...Read full review
Madhusudhans idea of showing the transformation of love through time is a tricky one, and the viewer is put through a complicated narrative. First, the director takes a while to explain the concept and this is not fun to watch. There are repetitive dialogues and no logical progression of events. He has a good story at hand, but executes it badly. ...Read full review

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