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15 Dec, 2017
2 hrs 13 mins
26,645 votes
5 20400
4 4199
3 1109
2 275
1 642
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Finding it hard to fit into the confines of a society that has treated her unfairly, a mild-mannered yet spirited girl decides to break bad and rebel against the oppressive forces. Her audacity to vent out is not without consequences, and what unfolds from this point forms the crux of Aruvi, which is at once a socio-political drama and a complex character study.
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Aruvi is a superbly written drama centred around a unique character that unfolds as a thriller, a black comedy, an awareness movie, and a tragedy. The film is so effortlessly crowd-pleasing and also tremendously moving. This is, by far, the most unconventional among the recent new-age films, with a bravura lead performance by Aditi Balan. ...Read full review
Aruvi, is a 24-year-old girl, who belongs to the present day society. She isn`t happy with certain norms and regulations of this so-called society and she takes a brave step forward, which leads to her arrest. But why did Aruvi take such a drastic step? The film takes you through those series of events that really changed Aruvi. ...Read full review
Debutant filmmaker Arun Prabhu Purushothamans Aruvi hits you like a ton of bricks and its extremely difficult to not shed tears as the titles roll down. But the film isnt totally an emotional tale, even though it becomes one towards the end. Aruvi, centred on the eponymous titular character played terrifically by newbie Aditi Balan, works as a satire, an awareness movie and even as a tragedy at times. ...Read full review
From the start, we jump down the waterfall, and are turbulently taken through Aruvi`s childhood to adulthood, but Raymond Crasta`s editing makes the water clear - there is no information or impact lost on the viewer. Every character is real and portrayed realistically, and the credit is shared both by the actors as well as the way they have been directed, and thus the director Arun Prabhu Purushothaman. ...Read full review
How do you review a movie like Aruvi? As someone who strongly believes that reviews should be spoiler-free, Aruvi is a movie that makes me want to break my own rules. For it is a movie that hits you so hard that you want to talk about everything in the movie, in detail. Aptly named Aruvi (waterfall), the movie is a cascade of emotions: laughter, tears, anger, loneliness, the film has everything in a neat package. ...Read full review
Who is Aruvi (Aditi Balan)? Thats what the interrogator (Mohammad Ali Baig), at the police station, wants to know. He sits opposite this twenty-something woman, staring at her bloody face, wondering if shes a Naxal from Dantewada. ...Read full review
Dream Warriors Pictures headed by S.R. Prabhu and S.R. Prakash Babu is known to back quality films like `Maya`, `Joker` and the recent `Theeran Adhigaram Ondru`. Their latest offering `Aruvi` directed by Arun Prabhu Purushothaman will not only enhance their reputation but will find its place as one of the modern gems of Tamil cinema. ...Read full review
Aruvi is a pure cinematic experience which makes you shake with laughter, and cry your heart out at the same time. Its magic lies in the immersive writing of debutant director Arun Prabu, who has crafted the most in-your-face social drama of the year. ...Read full review
Seldom have we come across a film were a debutant bowls you over to an extent that the story enthralls you and keeps you gripped till the end. Aditi Balan debuts with Aruvi and how beautifully she portrays her unique character in the film which makes you laugh at times but also unfolds a hard-hitting message. ...Read full review
The film opens with a much tensed scenario, where Aruvi (Aditi Balan) is interrogated by police. The media channels have been flashing the news that she belongs to a terrorist group. With the testimonies beginning from her father to friends, the chronicles of Aruvi is narrated and what made her overnight sensation in towns for a bad reason. ...Read full review