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Durbin (Bengali)
A tale of young sleuths in offing and their Durbin.


03 Jan, 2014
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Pupul, Tatai, Bhebli - three kids belonging to class VI of the same school. They have hardly any interest in football, cricket and computer games. They are only interested in the adventure of being detectives, they love to think that they are three outstanding sleuths, even better than Feluda and Byomkesh. There is a great spirit of camaraderie among them. The team leader is Pupul.

They call him captain spark but soon these three young sleuths realize that they are terribly handicapped they try to solve the mystery of stolen breads in a local shop for that they have to keep constant vigilance from a distance.They sure need a binocular but they dont have any. They feel if they had a binocular they would become famous overnight by solving the mystery of the stolen breads.

Pupul gets a binocular from his maternal uncle as a birthday gift and he sees an act of murder through the binocular. All other detectives of his localities- Feluda, Byomkesh, Bhanu get involved with this murder case. But they cant get anywhere near solving this murder case. They have no clue who is the killer? They can only ask and have no idea at all. Feluda approaches Byomkesh for help. Byomkesh finally agrees to join hands with them. Now Pupul becomes the target of the killer because he alone knows who is the killer. Pupul and his friends counter-plot to hand over the killer to the police. But do they succeed in their endeavours forms the story of the film.
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