Laga Le Pech


20 Jul, 2012
1 hrs 22 mins
6 votes
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In a small town in central India, kids and adults are equally obsessed with kite flying. The airspace is dominated by a black kite called Kali with mysterious origins. A street kid Gattu, dreams of defeating Kali but fails. He discovers that the local school has a roof, which will give him a vantage point. Impersonating as a student he sneaks into the school and must now pretend to study. The only problem - he is illiterate! None the less, the little street urchin takes up the challenge. Dreams aren`t impossible when the desire is strong!
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Set in a small town in North India, the film is centered on nine-year-old Gattu (Mohammad Samad), who works at his uncles scrap yard doing odd jobs like rummaging through garbage and recycling used containers. As often as he can, Gattu will come up with elaborate excuses to skip work so he can do what he enjoys mostflying kites. It is here, as he controls the movements of his kite with the string in his fingers, while his eyes stay riveted to the sky, that Gattu comes into his own and escapes temporarily from the reality of his life. ...Read full review
Much of this is accomplished because Mohammad Samad, who plays Gattu, is simply irresistible. There isn`t a false or straining-for-cute note in his portrayal of a boy who relies on the only thing he has - street smarts. Gattu lies and steals to get his way. He sneaks in as a student at the local school only because it has the highest terrace in town and he want to fly a kite there. There`s a lovely, comical moment when the students break into `Saare jahaan se achcha` and Gattu looks bewildered because he`s never heard the song before. ...Read full review
Mohammad Samad`s performance is heart-warming, with wonder in his eyes and playful innocence he grabs all your attention. His confined world suddenly opens doors, and as he gets lessons on gravity and goodness, science and sach ji jeet, his large eyes twinkle with amazement - like he`s just spotted ET on Earth. ...Read full review
Making a children`s film which can keep lts entertained is a rare feat. One person who successfully achieved this was Amole Gupte [ Images ] with his path-breaking film Stanley Ka Dabba. As a rule directors of kiddie films are fairly determined to have us in tears, with wet handkerchiefs and to douse us with an inescapable note of pessimism. ...Read full review

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