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Haseena Parkar
The Queen of Mumbai

Haseena Parkar

22 Sep, 2017
2 hrs 04 mins
7,173 votes
5 2424
4 1236
3 1295
2 666
1 1522
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Directed by Apoorva Lakhia, Haseena Parkar is an Indian biographical crime film based on the life of Haseena Parkar. Haseena was the sister of terrorist Dawood Ibrahim and handled the operations of his crime syndicate in Mumbai. She died of a cardiac arrest in July 2014.
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Verdict: A biopic that is both intense yet heart-wrenching. Born to an upright constable Ibrahim Kaskar in the shady lanes of Mumbai`s Dongri area, Haseena Parkar was the 7th child among the 12 siblings. To be the sister of Dawood Ibrahim, one of the world`s most wanted underworld dons, had its own share of roses and thorns. Director Apoorva Lakhia ma... ...Read full review
There`s an interesting line of dialogue in Apoorva Lakhia`s Haseena Parkar, which goes to the tune of Mumbai mein bhai toh bahut bane, par aapa sirf ek... (roughly translated to: Mumbai had many gangsters but only one lady don). It`s the basic premise on which this movie is based. Haseena Parkar was the sister of Dawood Ibrahim and allegedly she used her blood ties with the most dreaded Indian gangster in the world to establish a status and business in Mumbai. Its a very interesting premise. ...Read full review
Apoorva Lakhias film tells the tale of Haseena Parkar, Dawood Ibrahims sister, who from a timid Konkani Muslim girl rose to became a feared lady don in Mumbais Nagpada area. It explores her relationship with her brother, husband and the world of crime. Haseena Parkar also aims showcase how the lady instilled the fear of her brother amongst the public and slowly built a clout of her own. ...Read full review
Haseena Parkar begins on that note in a courtroom as Haseena begins to tell the court and the audience her story. ...Read full review
It is a huge responsibility for a director who touches upon a story based on real-life incidents against the backdrop of underworld and especially when the crime thriller genre has been extensively explored in Bollywood. ...Read full review
Despite ample make-up, Shraddha`s filled-up face looks like a golgappa has been stuffed inside her mouth or she is eating a paan. No doubt her act is menacing and, clearly, she is out of her comfort zone trying hard to fit in yet as a viewer it seemed unconvincing. ...Read full review
The film starts off with introduction of Haseena Parkar (Shraddha Kapoor), who crushes everyones doubts and appears in the court in connection of an extortion case, based on a complaint filed by a builder. The moment Haseena Parkar steps inside the court by fooling everyone (its a must watch scene), what ensues after that are allegations galore by the opposition lawyer (who is only second to Shraddha Kapoor in terms of screen presence). ...Read full review
Being related to the country`s most wanted bhai, can attract unwanted scrutiny. That the absconding criminal is charged on multiple counts may not incriminate his sister, but it surely raises suspicion. Alleged to be her brother`s local business hand, this one follows the court proceedings and paints her life as a victim of trying circumstances. ...Read full review
As the film shuttles between past and present, it passionately lists down the gang wars and events that led to Dawood`s rise as a crime lord-terrorist and its repercussions on his family, including his sister Haseena, who was summoned to the Court only once (2007), despite the many offences registered against her. ...Read full review
Sometimes real life offers you more promotional opportunities than a marketing genius could imagine. The Thane polices arrest this week of underworld kingpin Dawood Ibrahims brother Iqbal Kaskar on charges of running an extortion racket against builders and others, could not have been more timely: it came just days before today`s release of director Apoorva Lakhias Haseena Parkar, based on the life of Ibrahims late sister. ...Read full review
The persona of the female don pops up every once in a while as a diversion, but full-fledged Bollywood films revolving around such characters are rare. ...Read full review
A leaden-footed gangster flick that barely skims the surface of the done-to-death Mumbai underworld and the story of its notorious Kaskar clan, Haseena Parkar is bereft of frisson and focus. ...Read full review
Haseenas story begins much before her brother Dawood left Mumbai. The family of 12 kids lives in Dongri with their cop father known for his honesty. Unfortunately for Ibrahim Kaskar, his son rises high in the world of contract killings and extortion. Later, his involvement in the Mumbai blasts of 1993 makes him most wanted in the eyes of the police. This means he needs somebody trustworthy to operate his businesses in the maximum city as he leaves the country. Though the film tries to argue against it, but Haseena is the chosen one to rule Mumbai. ...Read full review
From the reason to make this film, to the execution is a path that Haseena Parkar falters and stumbles badly in finishing. The story at the core of Haseena Parkar is of a woman who found herself dealing with the police and the Crime Branch just by virtue of who her brother was. And that, if you go by the protagonist`s version, is something that shouldn`t be done. ...Read full review
Its bad enough that Shraddha Kapoor looks nothing like the real Haseena Parkar whom she plays in Apoorva Lakhias film, the makers have gone and padded her cheeks, filled out her frame, and, crucially, slathered her face with dusky make up. ...Read full review