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Kirrak Party

Kirrak Party

16 Mar, 2018
2 hrs 32 mins
25,874 votes
5 8186
4 6119
3 6006
2 2457
1 3090
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Krishna, a first-year engineering graduate, falls in love with Meera, a final-year student. However, a tragedy befalls him and changes his perception towards life.
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Verdict: Packs a punch! Right from Swamy Ra Ra, Nikhil Siddhartha has been delivering hits back to back and is currently in the golden phase of his career. Now he is back with the remake of a Kannada super hit movie Kirik Party, which is titled as Kirrak Party in Telugu. Simran Pareenja and Samyuktha []... ...Read full review
Krishna (Nikhil Siddarth) is a happy-go-lucky first year engineering student with not a care in life. He falls in love with his senior Meera (Simran Pareenja) whos a do-gooder and urges him to tap into the unseen side of him. But what happens when an unforeseen incident brings a change in him that even she couldnt predict? ...Read full review
Kirrak Party has a wafer-thin story. This film is about life of students in engineering college which starts with first year of protagonist Krishna & friends and ends with their farewell party. In between this fun intended story, a short love track and another emotional track have been inserted. Focused on sweet memories and bitter experiences of any engineering student, Kirrak Party is scenes driven screenplay. ...Read full review
Kirrak Party is the official remake of Kannada blockbuster Kirik Party, a slang used to describe someone who has a bad temper. The Telugu remake is helmed by debutant Sharan Koppisetty, who has remained extremely faithful and loyal to the original film, which was made by director Rishab Shetty and Rakshit Shetty. If not for some change in the lead star cast and language, it would be hard to tell any difference between Kirrak Party and Kirik Party. ...Read full review
Mass bunking, senior-junior ego clashes, first love, last-bench fun and all the firsts that comes with being in college Kirrak Party is a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Nikhil Siddharthas movie is a coming of age college drama about a heartbroken student who learns to move on. ...Read full review
Krishna (Nikhil) is a happy go lucky engineering student who spends a mischevious life along with his group of friends. He falls in love with his senior Meera (Simran) and when everything seems to be going fine, a tragic incident changes Krishnas life upside down. Rest of the story is as to how Krishna manages to solve all his problems and comes out as a successful student and sincere human being. ...Read full review
Towards the end of Kirrak Party, theres a lovely montage of Krishna (Nikhil) driving down the road somewhere in the Himalayas. Prior to his road trip, he has a tryst with his past which kind of reminds him who he was as a person not so long ago. In the middle of the trip, which turns into a soul-searching exercise, there comes a stretch which is dark and bumpy. He stares at what lies ahead of him and finally, he decides to turn around. ...Read full review
Campus stories featuring a gang of friends takes the audience on a trip down memory lane. Stories like these always strike a chord with the younger lot by portraying the camaraderie and nostalgia, a romantic track or two, selfless friendship, fun, politics, and rationalism. And Nikhil-starrer Kirrak Party, a remake of Kannada blockbuster Kirik Party doesnt deviate from these mainstays, albeit with some hiccups. ...Read full review