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24 Mar, 2017
1 hrs 43 mins
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A group of astronauts aboard an International Space Station discover first evidence of life on Mars after they capture a space probe containing samples of martian soil. However, their discovery soon turns into a nightmare when the organism becomes hostile.
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Verdict - The premise has been done before but it still manages to keep you guessing. After eight months of wait for the crew, and almost a year of waiting for us, we finally have the life reach the space station where it is going to be studied, and eventually, wreak havoc. Life has the scares []... ...Read full review
Its poetic, yes - pure music to film geeks the world over, yes. A work of movie marketing genius, by most accounts. But its a tagline. And almost 40 years have passed, but no other has come even remotely close to capturing the tone of the movie its selling with such concise, chilling and underappreciated success. ...Read full review
Life does little to change the scope of the genre. However, it is a tautly wound thriller with some gruesome and unpredictable twists to keep you on the edge of your seat, and occasionally even jumping out of it. ...Read full review
Like the anonymous phone call in a horror film that turns out to be coming from inside the house, Life is a sci-fi thriller about a contamination crisis: a crisis that goes on pretty much uninterruptedly for around an hour and three quarters. ...Read full review