Monsoon Shootout

Monsoon Shootout

15 Dec, 2017
1 hrs 32 mins
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As the monsoon lashes Mumbai, an idealistic rookie cop, Adi has a fleeing suspect, Shiva, in his line of fire. In that split second, he faces a moral dilemma; to shoot or not to shoot. Whatever path he chooses, it will impact not just his career and his love life, but also the lives of Shiva and his family. He realizes that while he can attempt to choose his destiny, every choice has a price.
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Verdict: Nawazuddin once again shows why he is one of the best actors in Bollywood. Nawazuddin Siddiqui played supporting characters for years before he got his due with Anurag Kashyap`s heartland drama - Gangs of Wasseypur. Monsoon Shootout, which releases this Friday, was filmed a while ago but kept getting pushed. Now that Nawaz is []... ...Read full review
Debutant director Amit Kumar`s crime drama, Monsoon Shootout rests more on style than substance. The story hinges on how a decision made in a split-second by Adi, a cop (Vijay Varma), when he comes face-to-face with a murder suspect, Shiva (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), can change the course of not only his life but also that of the suspect. ...Read full review
Shot through with stylistic flourishes and narrative sleights that frequently add up to arresting images and moments, first-time director Amit Kumar`s niftily crafted Monsoon Shootout is absorbing, even startling. The propulsive, crisply edited noir thriller set in Mumbai`s dark, dank and dangerous underbelly is consistently intriguing on account of its structure. ...Read full review
A young man is leaving for work on the first day of his career as a police officer. His mother reminds him of his late policeman fathers dictum: There are three paths in life the right path, the wrong path and the middle path. To this he, Sub Inspector Adi Kulshreshtha, adds: and the day I find my own path, I will have peace of mind. He remembers too Dads cautionary note that the choice will not be easy. ...Read full review
Whatever choice - the right one, the wrong one, or taking the middle path (Nobody is ever so confident about such choices) - you make in these situations, and its consequences, keep haunting you for the rest of your life. ...Read full review
Monsoon Shootout starts showing Adi (Vijay Varma) a rookie cop starting his journey in the crime branch. On his first day, hes grilled hard by his senior Khan (Neeraj Kabi) & is exposed to the reality behind solving cases. The builders of a city are in an extortion threat from a slum lord named Dagar Bhai (R. Balasubramaniam). Shiva (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) an axe killer working for Dagar Bhai gets ratted out by a police informer. ...Read full review
In a deciding point in this film, a cop has a possible suspect in his line of vision following a chase. The suspect mounts a wall and is about to leap across when the cop renders him motionless at gunpoint. Amidst a downpour, our focus is trained on various distractions such as clanking of metal pots, flickering of a light bulb and other simultaneous goings-on. ...Read full review
Four years after it was shown at Cannes, Monsoon Shootout has finally hit the screens with the advantage that many of its actors, in the meantime, have become known stars. ...Read full review
A psychological thriller that promises to explore social and moralistic questions can be a gripping one, but Monsoon Shootout fails to engage despite being backed by powerhouse talents such as Nawazauddin Siddiqui, Neeraj Kabi, Vijay Varma and Tannishtha Chatterjee. ...Read full review
Would you rather die than take up a desk job? The protagonist of Monsoon Shootout most certainly would. Yes, he dies, not once but thrice. Played by Vijay Varma, this luckless character a freshly dispatched rookie cop named Adi is a pleasant procrastinator. Amid throngs of self-assured Hindi film heroes, he comes as joyous icon of indecision. ...Read full review
A rain soaked Mumbai night. A rookie cop in a dim alley. A ruthless killer. In a split second the cop must decide whether to kill, arrest or hesitate long enough to let the man escape. Every decision has a different outcome but a few things remain constant the rain that drenches everything and the corruption that invariably tarnishes every ideal. ...Read full review
Set in the dark lanes of Mumbai, Amit Kumars Monsoon Shootout is a mash-up of many a significant element required to build up a neo-noir police-criminal-drama cum psychological thriller. A dedicated greenhorn, an experienced encounter specialist senior, a suspected criminal, a hungry for power politician, a grieving wife and an innocent young boy make up the players. ...Read full review
In this dark film (both literally and figuratively), a young rookie cop is faced with this moral dilemma as he corners a murder suspect, his gun trained on him in the pouring rain. Should he shoot him down or not? The man with the gun must decide between the right path, the wrong path, and the middle path but as we all know, there are no easy answers to lifes choices. ...Read full review

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