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Njan Marykutty

Njan Marykutty

15 Jun, 2018
2 hrs 06 mins
11,107 votes
5 5674
4 3107
3 1164
2 318
1 832
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Marykutty, (played by Jayasurya) a female finds herself in a dilemma of being trapped inside the body of a male. She has a dream of her own and in her endeavor to realize the dream, she finds support in Manoj Vaidyan (played by Suraj Venjaramoodu), Radio Achan (played by Innocent) and Kunjippalu (played by Joju Mala). The film is a light-hearted social comedy that looks at the world with a different eye.
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Verdict: Njan Marykutty could definitely be considered as one of Jayasurya`s best performances. Ranjith Sankar and Jayasurya together have given us many socially relevant movies, and their latest - Njan Marykutty - is nothing short of it. The movie is produced under the banner `Dreams and Beyond` with a strong screenplay and direction by Ranjith himself. The movie stars some prominent actors apart... ...Read full review
Ranjith Sankar`s Njan Marykutty might or might not be the first Malayalam movie to have a transperson as the main character, but it surely is the first to treat such a character with dignity and respect. ...Read full review
Ranjith Sankar has put his stamp in all his movies right from Passenger to Punyalan, and, like an indulgent mother who packs her sandwiches with thick spreads of butter, fills his offering with dollops of goodness and positivity. Even his ghost story Pretham is rich in such ingredients. Like his earlier movie Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam, which grapples with the struggle of a man with a speech disorder, Njan Marykutty too takes a look at the traumatised life of the outcast. ...Read full review
Jayasurya has delivered a career-best performance, which could have gone wrong even with the slightest of mistakes. Jayasurya`s portrayal of Marykutty is meticulous, spot on and without any kind of exaggeration. The transformation of the character and the emotional development are safe in the hands of this character. He keeps the character intact through the film and this man deserves a big round of applause. ...Read full review
Njan Marykutty from Ranjith Shankar Jayasurya team is more like an informative movie like Toilet Ek Prem Katha or Padman. The ultimate sentiment you have towards the movie is positive and that isn`t really because of the cinematic craft it shows, but mostly because of the subject it addresses. Just like how a superstar like Akshay Kumar was willing to play the lead role in the above mentioned Hindi films, the fact that someone like Jayasurya agreed to play such a character is perhaps the biggest achievement of Njan Marykutty. ...Read full review
When we first see Marykutty, she is shunned by everyone around her, except for her mother, a benevolent priest (Innocent), an open-minded local RJ (Aju Varghese), and a sympathetic district collector (Suraj Venjaramoodu). Everyone else sees Marykutty as an outcast for choosing to abandon the much-desired life of a man in an extremely patriarchal society. One of the film`s most powerful scenes has a female government officer insulting Marykutty by saying, "My biggest regret is that I`m not born a male...and then comes a character like you." To this, Marykutty strongly retorts: "That`s because you don`t know the value of a woman." ...Read full review
Njan Marykutty adventures into the life of Marykutty who is born as a man but aspires to become a woman. Marykutty is sensitive but being strong and powerful she fends herself from the insults and humiliation she faces from being a transsexual. The movie takes a pottentially shocking and controversial subject matter, but it treats it with dignity and grace. ...Read full review