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Pappu Can`t Dance Saala

Pappu Can`t Dance Saala

16 Dec, 2011
2 hrs 06 mins
7 votes
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Pappu Can`t Dance Saala is about two teenagers from contrasting cultures. The boy (Vinay Pathak) is from Varanasi, the girl (Neha Dhupia) is a chorus dancer in Hindi films. They do not get along well but eventually realise that they have to respect each other.
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The film takes an interesting look at the lives of all the small town aspirants who come chasing their dreams to Mumbai, mega city, carrying the baggage of their native culture with them. Vidhyadhar has been brought up in a middle class family in Benares while Mehak is a middle class girl from Kohlapur. While Mumbai`s cosmo culture has seduced Mehak, Vidhyadhar still dreams of the ghats of Benares. ...Read full review
This can`t be a co-incidence. I have watched Vinay Pathak in at least three bad movies this year and in each of them, he plays the na ve simpleton, who is yet to learn the ways of the world. It is obviously the case of playing safe and typecasting an actor in a kind of character that might have enthralled the audience eons ago. Who doesn`t know that even the best of dishes served every day gets repulsive? ...Read full review
His next-door neighbour is Mehak (Neha Dhupia), a dancer from Kolhapur, one of the thousands venturing into the nebulous world of entertainment in search of superstardom. Opposites clash, egos swell, and vengeance must be sought at all costs. What saves this trite scenario from plunging into utter boredom is the convincing chemistry between the lead pair. Mehak`s display of overt aggression effectively covers up her vulnerability. Vidhydhar sees through his neighbour`s manipulations but doesn`t succumb to her charms. Their relationship develops gradually as hostility is replaced by trust and then friendship. ...Read full review
This movie is fundamentally flawed. There is a plot, but the premise is weak. Also, the so-called sub-plots don`t really add up to the whole picture, making it an exercise in futility. To top it, the actual love story that takes place between Neha Dhupia and Vinay Pathak throws logic out of the window. I, for one, will not believe that a girl, who has come from Kolhapur with stars in her eyes, will settle for a portly nerd. That too when she has just been launched in a music video, which has opened doors to stardom for her. ...Read full review