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Rajaratha (Kannada)


23 Mar, 2018
2 hrs 23 mins
16,257 votes
5 5921
4 1456
3 1471
2 923
1 6476
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Rajaratha (Royal Chariot) is the story of a shy goofy college boy Abhi and a pretty outspoken girl Megha, during their romantic comedy journey, they encounter an interesting character of an eccentric loner called uncle and a charismatic & powerful personality called Vishwa.
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Verdict: Nirup Bhandari`s flamboyance will sweep you off your feet. Nirup Bhandari and director Anup Bhandari have teamed up once more, after their enormous success with Rangitaranga, to deliver yet another masterpiece with Rajaratha. We have Avantika Shetty and Nirup as the main characters, alongside Vinaya Prasad and Ravishankar. It is, however, Puneeth Rajkumar`s voice-over [... ...Read full review
Rajaratha might not be that perfect entertainer, but like it`s characters who try with their shortcomings it is a bus ride that is worth getting onto once at least. After all, there aren`t too many films devoid of the extra massy dialogues and over-the-top action sequences being made as often now. ...Read full review
Rajaratha is a bus that takes a drive from Ringalore with various mindsets. There is Abhi and Megha in it. Megha is engaged to another boy. She wants all the qualities of Abhi in him but finally she does not find it. As the bus travels the news of Periyampally also boils up. The verdict of the court cast a depressing state of affairs for the inmates of the bus. They go shiver with the intolerant moment. ...Read full review
It`s a decent watch if you go without big expectations. Do not go in as a Rangitaranga fan. Nirup Bhandari is definitely a star in the making. He is charming, oozes talent with his acting and is also a great dancer. He is exuberant in Rajaratha, much contrast to his previous flick, Rangitaranga. ...Read full review
Rajaratha is the journey of love. It is also the journey of life. And it is the journey of humanity. Anup Bhandari who made Rangitaranga has come up with a very different kind of film that is both entertaining and gives a profound message for life. In the simplest terms it is a love story of two engineering students. On another level it shows how the journey of life can be seen in a smaller journey in a bus. On the profound level it shows the journey of humankind and how it is dependent on some unknown forces working behind the scenes. The lives of different kinds of people in a bus somehow depends on the action of some other person doing something else somewhere. The director blends all these three stories into one and gives an interesting film. ...Read full review