Saptagiri LLB

Saptagiri LLB

07 Dec, 2017
2 hrs 18 mins
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A small-time lawyer, Sapthagiri's life completely changes, when he reopens a high profile case that puts him against one of the finest lawyers in the country.
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Verdict: Sapthagiri excels in his fight for justice. After working in several movies as a comedian, Sapthagiri has evolved as a complete actor and is trying his luck as a hero in recent times. His hero debut - Saptagiri Express - did decently at the box office and now he is back as a hero []... ...Read full review
Sapthagiri, a small time lawyer from Chittoor dreams of making it big. He decides to get a high profile case reopened, taking on the finest lawyer in the country, in the process. Sapthagiri`s life and justice will never be the same again. ...Read full review
Saptagiri LLB(Saptagiri) is a small-time lawyer who comes to Hyderabad to make it big as an advocate. In order to become quite famous, he challenges one of the top lawyers(Sai Kumar) of the country in a hit and run case. Rest of the story is as to what kind of problems does a small-time lawyer like Saptagiri goes through to win the case. ...Read full review
A lawyer Sapthagiri (Sapthagiri) takes up the most unexpected case against the most prominent lawyer in town Rajpal (Saikumar) to make big in his career that is going nowhere. What is the case about and did he win it, is what we get in the movie. ...Read full review
A small-time lawyer Saptagiri (Saptagiri) has dreams of becoming a big advocate. When he moves to Hyderabad, he gets a chance to take up a high-profile case. To win this case, he has to compete with top-most criminal lawyer Rajpal (Sai Kumar) who is defending a rich youngster Rohith who is accused of drunken driving causing the death of six people. ...Read full review
Raj Paul (Sai Kumar) deals a hit and run case and uses his experience in successfully closing it. Sapthagiri (Sapthagiri), a budding advocate who comes to the city to gain name and fame comes across the case and files a PIL in the court regarding the same case. Sapthagiri and Raj Paul head each other in the court and what happens, in the end, is the story of the movie. ...Read full review
Saptagiri is a fresh LLB pass-out who wants to make a mark in the world of justice by winning one case after another so that he can marry his maradalu (Kashish Vohra). When a hit-and-run case is closed without even an examination of a single witness, Saptagiri is shocked at the mockery of justice. ...Read full review
Saptagiri wants to be a successful lawyer so that he could marry his cousin (Kashish Vohra). Prominent criminal Lawyer Rajpal (Sai Kumar) successfully defends a rich guy from a hit and run case in which five people were killed. Saptagiri files a PIL against the rich guy and the case reopens. Can Saptagiri overcome the power and tactics of Rajpal to come out successful? ...Read full review
After LLB, Saptagiri succeeds in resolving many rows in his village but fails to win any case in the courts and hence was not getting many cases.To change his luck and get more cases and earn money he comes to City to practice and immediately lands with a hit and run case which is already dismissed in the court by Raj Pal (Sai Kumar) . ...Read full review
Saptagiri (Saptagiri), who completes his LLB course, gets himself busy in resolving petty conflicts that crop up in the Village panchayat quite often but never turn up to the court. He decides to relocate himself to the urban side in order to gain exposure by taking up bigger cases. ...Read full review

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