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09 Feb, 2018
1 hrs 54 mins
1,506 votes
5 610
4 415
3 244
2 83
1 136
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The story of Savarakathi is based on the life of a poor barber, who is infamous for living with a bag of lies and his desperate attempts through the whole day to save himself and his family from a maniacal thug.
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By now, Mysskin has become synonymous with moody crime thrillers that are more about the people who commit those crimes and the ones affected by it. But, in Savarakathi, which he has written (he has handed over the direction duties to Aadithyaa, his brother), he shows us a different side a comic side that we have seen only in brief flashes in his films so far. The film could have been a thriller, but Mysskin turns into a black comedy, and thus, makes it distinctive. ...Read full review
In his latest outing Savarakathi, as a writer Mysskin gives a comic touch to a story that unfolds in a single day in the lives of a barber (played by Ram) and a thug (played by Mysskin). Mysskins maiden attempt at full-length comedy is proof that maybe its not his forte, but the way everything culminates in the climax is poignant and quite emotional, reminding us once again why hes one of the best writers of our times. ...Read full review
Savarakathi might be directed by GR Adithya, but it clearly feels like a Mysskin film. I dont know if it is because they are related. Everything we have come to expect from the director is present probably in a watered-down fashion. While the script has been penned by Mysskin, the cinematic treatment also intrinsically bears his stamp. ...Read full review
Mysskin and Ram are two directors who have cemented a critical place in the industry for themselves. It excites one to even hear about them coming together for a film. But what happens if both of them are actors in a dark comedy written by Mysskin? Read ahead to find out how debutant GR Adithya has translated Mysskin`s story, screenplay, and dialogues on to the big screen in Savarakathi. ...Read full review
The trailers of `Savarakathi` would have prepared the audiences for a quirky "Mysskinisque" which apart from his fans may not have excited many. Debutante director G.R. Aditya has however made a solid debut extracting riveting performances from his cast and elevating his brother`s screenplay with visually compelling story telling. ...Read full review
We all carry certain things with us throughout our lives, which sometimes are nothing but excess baggage. These things do nothing good, but somehow gets identifies with our egos. So is anger and lies, which find no limits for its extremities. What happens when couple of persons possessed with such traits bounce upon each other. Adithya makes his directorial debut through Savarakathi, which has screenplay written by Mysskin. ...Read full review
Youll probably not see a more bizarre movie than Savarakathi (Shaving Knife) this year, and I mean it as a sort of compliment. The film opens with Pitchai (the director Ram), a barber given to tall tales. (He claims the razor he uses once caressed the stubble of the emperor Akbar!) Pitchais wife, Subathra (Poorna), is hearing-impaired, and listening to her crosstalk with her husband, the stage seems set for a broad comedy. But pay close attention to the scene where Pitchai holds his razor (in jest, of course) to the throat of a customer who doesnt seem to buy his yarns. ...Read full review
No, seriously. What if he did? I dare say itd look a lot like Savarakathi. One of its main leads, Pitchai (Ram, who occasionally oversells the theatrics), is a human embodiment of Jerry. Hes cheeky, and hes constantly running from danger, literally to almost cartoonish background music by Arrol Corelli. His Tom is Mangaa (Mysskin), a man prone to rage issues, and who, not once in the 116 minutes of the films run time, I found to utter a word of compassion. ...Read full review
Savarakathi is a delightfully written, superbly constructed dark comedy, whose story happens in a day. Mysskin, who has written, produced and started in the film alongside director Ram, stamps his class in each and every scene with his now-familiar tropes, which are nevertheless entertaining. ...Read full review