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Shikkari Shambhu

Shikkari Shambhu

20 Jan, 2018
2 hrs 20 mins
4,218 votes
5 1457
4 1142
3 884
2 274
1 449
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When an entire village is terrorised by the news of a tiger on the loose, they turn to Peeli and his jolly gang of friends for help. Rumour has it that Peeli is the son of famed hunter Varunni, but has he got it in him to stop the dreaded predator from wreaking more havoc?
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Verdict: Kunchako Boban proves yet again that simple movies are his forte. Shikkari Shambu, directed by Sugeeth and produced under the banner Angel Maria Cinemas, features Kunchako Boban in the lead along with Shivvada, Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Kanaran Hareesh, Maniyanpilla Raju, Saddique, Krishnakumar and many other prominent actors. The first half of the movie is a []... ...Read full review
Philipose aka Peeli is a thief. He has two close friends Achu and Shaji. The three has been living the thief life until one robbery forces them to move away from their actual place. They get to know that a place called Kuruthimalakkavu is under the attack of a Tiger and the people there are looking for a hunter. The film is about what happens in that place when this three decides to go there in the disguise of being hunters. ...Read full review
Shikari Shambu is another family entertainer from director Sugeet-Kunchacko Boban combo that revolves around three small-time fraudsters, Peelipose aka Peeli, Achu and Shaji (Kunchacko Boban, Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Harish Kanaran). They overhear a conversation between a priest and his assistant and learn about a tiger unleashing terror in a village called Kurudimalakaavu and the region`s MLA (Manianpilla Raju) looking for a hunter. ...Read full review
If you had been a 90s kid fond of the comics, you would be familiar with the many exploits of Shikari Shambu, the fictional coward hunter, whom the world perceives to be courageous. Every time, he tries to run away from wild animals, luck favours him and he ends up looking like a hero. The Malayalam movie `Shikkari Shambhu` tells the story of three fraudsters - Peeli (Kunchacko Boban) and his friends Shaji (Hareesh) and Achu (Vishnu Unnikrishnan), who come to a small village in Kerala to hunt down a man-eating tiger posing as hunters. ...Read full review
The story of Shikkari Shambhu is set in the backdrop of a village close to a forest area. The villagers are at risk with a tiger claiming the lives of many. Enter Peeli, who comes to the place in the disguise of being a hunter along with his buddies and what happens rest has been narrated in Shikkari Shambhu. ...Read full review
Shikkari Shambu is what one would call a quintessential formula film. It follows a time-tested style, a predictable pattern and simple narrative, which seems so formulaic, that it ends up being a vanilla affair. Not that such films wouldn`t make a great watch-Sugeeth himself has employed this technique successfully in his debut Ordinary-but the issue here is that Shikkari Shambu doesn`t even try to bring in anything novel. The result: Shikkari Shambu is a watchable film, but not a memorable one. ...Read full review