Shut In
A heart-pounding thriller.

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Shut In

18 Nov, 2016
1 hrs 31 mins
593 votes
5 137
4 99
3 158
2 95
1 100
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Following a recent accident that took the life of her husband and left her son paralyzed, a female psychologist (Naomi Watts) finds herself isolated in her own home caring for her child. Cut off from the outside world during a deadly storm, she starts to believe someone is inside her house trying to harm them.
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Verdict: A predictable thriller with an unpredictable twist. When you see a lot of thriller movies, you become used to predicting the twists and hope for variety with each new movie. Certain movie sequences give you hair-raising thrills and when those sequences become an inspiration for other movies, it doesn't match the thrill of watching […]... ...Read full review
ary Portman (Naomi Watts), a widowed psychologist, shuts herself in her house to take care of her disabled 19-year-old son (Charlie Heaton). Plagued by paranoia, nightmares and hallucinations, the sudden disappearance of one of her young patients (Jacob Tremblay) makes her doubt her own sanity and safety. ...Read full review
Bad horror films usually come with an excessive reliance on jump scares; Shut In too has its fair share. In fact, it has more than its fair share. The first jump scare involving a raccoon is terrific, and got the whole theatre hall laughing in unease. It wasnt yet evident that the film would then plummet in a steady decline. Making matters worse are cheap scenes which show you a horrific event and then the character waking up from a nightmare. These keep piling on relentlessly, and eat up into a bulk of the running time of 91 minutes. ...Read full review
This empty-headed thriller is tedious from the word go. Following the death of her husband in a car crash, a child psychologist (Naomi Watts, presumably cashing a hefty cheque) devotes most of her time to feeding, cleaning and clothing her stepson (Charlie Heaton). The emotionally troubled teenager with anger management issues survived the accident but has been reduced to a vegetative state. ...Read full review

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