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Street Lights

Street Lights

Malayalam, Tamil
26 Jan, 2018
11,929 votes
5 7643
4 1204
3 814
2 523
1 1721
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The story of Street Lights is based on the life of a Crime Branch police officer, James, (played by Mammootty) who in his pursuit to solve a certain mystery, crosses path with several people and encounters various thrilling events. Will James succeed or fail in his mission and how will he react to the outcome, forms the crux.
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Verdict: This Mammootty starrer has all the elements to entertain everyone. Cinematographer Shamdat Sainudeen has made his directorial debut through Street Lights and has just proved that he is here to stay. Street Lights, produced by Mammootty himself under the banner Playhouse has him in the lead role supported by Soubin Shahir, Lijomol, Nandu, Dharmajan []... ...Read full review
A gang of masked thieves, and a cop who chases them across state borders this is the plot line of Mammootty-starrer Street Lights, in a nutshell. Mammootty plays the role of James, a cop, but this movie is not about him and it is this fact that works in its favor. ...Read full review
Thrillers are defined by logic. But what happens if it happens over a day or few hours? Yes, we close our eyes and hope for the luck to play its part. Streetlight is not different. Its an art of synchronicity. A series of non-relational events that force to cause bright ending. The movie which directed by debutant Shamdatt Sainudeen and written by debutant Fawaz Mohamed will give a joyful experience throughout. ...Read full review
Streetlights fits into a strange genre where it looks like a thriller at its peripheral levels. But actually its a drama with an element of thrill and fun blended wisely with the plot. One could say the crew succeeded in serving their purpose to bring out an entertainer packed with good amount of commercial elements. Its a more accomplished work among recent Mammootty starrers and there are right intentions in this film produced by none other than him. At the end it works as a thriller or a drama or an entertainer. Impressive..! ...Read full review
The film opens at midnight, two men wearing Halloween masks are being chased by cops. They are nearly caught, only to be saved in the nick of time by their accomplice. But once their identities are revealed and conversations bordering on waggishness begin, the tension is immediately diffused. Streetlights is that kind of a tightly-packaged investigative thriller. Humour, action, drama, suspense, and even romance are layered evenly in director Shamdat Sains debut venture. ...Read full review
The plot of the movie is fixated on a diamond necklace stolen by three thieves - Raju, Sachi and Murugan played by Dharmajan Bolgatty, Hareesh Perumana and Stunt Silva respectively. Murugan is the master brain while Raju and Sachi are sidekicks who blindly obey him. The necklace is worth five crores (not known to them) and Raju misplaces it while trying to hide it. Crime Branch Police Officer James (Mammootty) is unofficially investigating the theft. Who will figure out where the necklace is; will it be the thieves or the cop? This is the capsule of the entertaining thriller, laced with fair share of humour. ...Read full review
Its definitely a clean entertainment thriller as the director claimed and is a visual treat to fans who love non linear style of thrillers. This is undoubtedly the best thriller of recent times in malayalam and best of Mammootty after The Great Father. ...Read full review
A string of coincidences blended beautifully and subplots meeting the main plot carved neatly. Streetlights is all about how this. As debutant Shamdatt claimed before the release, its a clean and neat Entertainment Thriller which blends comedy, romance, crimes, the investigation into a single basket of entertainment which thrills the audience. It is not an edge of seat thriller but certainly is the among the best to have released in Mollywood in recent times. ...Read full review
A necklace is the central element of the story. This jewellery gets robbed by a gang of thieves and a police officer is secretly investigating about this case. It is difficult to put the synopsis without explaining the story in detail. So let me put it in the simplest way by saying this movie is about the investigation to find the missing necklace. ...Read full review
The film kicks off from a burglary scene that shows a daring escape by a group of thieves under well-lit street lights. If you are wondering why the film is titled `Street Lights`, the answer is that the street lights are not always well-lit, while some may be bright, others are not; just like characters in the movie, some of whom provide light and some spread darkness. ...Read full review
Three men two petty thieves from Kerala, and a Tamil gangster are on the run with a stolen diamond necklace. Their precious loot belongs to a man called Simon Mundakkal. As luck would have it, Mundakkal is the ammaavan (uncle) of a senior policeman James played by Mammootty and calls on his nephew for unofficial, off-the-books help since the necklace is part of his untaxed, unaccounted-for wealth. James agrees. ...Read full review
The story of Street Lights centres around a group of characters. A group of thieves steal a very expensive jewel from a rich businessman`s house. Inspector James comes into the scene and he takes it up as a special case, which is off the record. But, there is something more into this case. ...Read full review