The Accountant
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The Accountant

14 Oct, 2016
2 hrs 08 mins
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A mathematical genius who helps crime syndicates to cover up their financial frauds is hunted by an agent, who is on the verge of retirement.
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Verdict: A thriller that is wrapped nicely with a bow. The one-man-army kind of movies make for an exciting watch. We have seen actors like Matt Damon (Bourne series), Liam Neeson (Taken series), Tom Cruise (Jack Reacher series) carry these movies on their shoulders and they have done an excellent job. These movies usually have []... ...Read full review
Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) has high-functioning autism. He is indeed special as he grows up to be a mathematician cum deadly assassin, who works as a forensic accountant for criminal organisations. To keep his cover intact, he chooses to look into financial accounting of a white-collared client but discovers massive discrepancies in their statements. Before he could reveal the truth, contract killers chase after him and fellow junior accountant Dana (Anna Kendrick). Can he finish them all? ...Read full review
The man is a bundle of contradictions. A genius with numbers, he works as a freelance accountant for small-scale entrepreneurs as well as major corporates in Illinois. But not many people are aware that his clients are mainly arms dealers, drug cartels and criminal syndicates. ...Read full review
Sooner or later, difference scares people. The Accountant puts that sentiment in the mouth of a military man (Robert C Treveiler) explaining the tough ways of the world to his autistic, bullied son. But it could as easily be said by the director Gavin OConnor, who has put together a drama so familiar and formulaic that even the most timid viewer will be comforted. Or, more likely, anesthetized. ...Read full review
This is a moment from the life of genius, yet lonely, finance analyst Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck), who works for international drug cartels and weapon dealers. Thanks to his excellent book-keeping skills, Wolff is a favourite with mafia bosses looking for money laundering fronts. But, this isnt the only purpose he solves. Our man can double up as a deadly assassin if need be. ...Read full review

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