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26 Jan, 2018
2 hrs 22 mins
1,024 votes
5 800
4 110
3 41
2 11
1 50
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The story is set in the world of the timber-mafia, and explores how people's lives change with decisions made in a minute, out of anger. This affects lives of people around them and shapes a local political system.
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Crime thrillers are a rare genre in Kannada. Most of the films that pose as crime thrillers are often glorified vehicles of a hero that are catered to the masses. This film might have a few commercial elements, but the cinema noir treatment to the subject wins over these compromises and Churikatte stands taller. ...Read full review
Churikatte is about the lifestyle of Malenadu, forest, and about the people living in a village near the forest and vicious people who do not hesitate to do anything for money. This film also aptly narrates the problems of honest police officers and the challenges they face while discharging their duties without fear or favour. It also showcases black sheep among the police officers and the difficulties of a prospective police officer. Churikatte has all elements to keep the audiences engrossed while watching it in theatres. ...Read full review
The debutant Raghu Shivamogga has shown excellence in many circumstances of his 140 minutes Choori Katte. A short film Chowka Baara winner in his first feature film could have reduced the film by 10 to 15 minutes. Otherwise there are no flaws in giving a commercial cinema with good guessing elements for cinema lovers in addition to right selection of artists and technicians. ...Read full review
Newcomer Raghu Shivamogga has come up with an amazing first film. This is a new kind of crime film in Kannada. It does not confirm to standards and sets its own bar and genre. There is an amazing yet simple story that is captured in a new style. The style combines characters and story in one graph. Different characters come together to form the story instead of the story diverging into different characters. ...Read full review
Once in a while comes a film with a perfect mix of clever script, intelligent direction and an effective cast. Churikatte is such a film. It`s not entirely without flaws, but first time feature film director Raghu Shivamogga has carefully stitched his thoughts through Churikatte, and his characters effectively portray his thinking. ...Read full review
Crime Thriller movies with a star hero limits the storyline as there will be a template or a formula to be followed for a STAR HERO movies to please their followers, but Churikatte has no limits and director has utilized this freedom and etched out fantastic screenplay which is the strength of the movie. ...Read full review