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14 Jul, 2018
2 hrs 35 mins
26,833 votes
5 11609
4 7640
3 3807
2 1312
1 2449
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An earnest man , Joshua, has been working in Dubai since the age of fifteen. However, he gets a call to return home in Nilgiri hills, where he rediscovers the simple joys of life.
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Verdict: Honest acting, impeccable casting, good music…there is nothing out of place in Koode. When it comes from Anjali Menon, the expectations from the film are sky high. And her latest one - Koode - lives up to them all. Produced by Anjali along with M. Renjith, the cinematography for the film is done by Littil Swayamp, who previously wielded the camera for Parava. The movie is an adaptation... ...Read full review
Joshua, who has been working in Dubai since the age of 15, gets a call from his family to return home. How he, with the magical support of his sister Jenny, figures to live life in between the joy, pressures, expectations and tragedy is what Koode is about. ...Read full review
I`ve got to give it to Anjali Menon. She is a sorcerer when it comes to manipulating our emotions. Here is a filmmaker who continues to astound me with her ability to make the audience feel exactly the way she wants to. Koode, her new film, is without a doubt, her best work yet. ...Read full review
Koode from Anjali Menon is a heartwarming tale about the relationship between a brother and sister. It is based on the story of Marathi filmmaker Sachin Kundalkars movie happy journey. I havent tried to watch that movie to stay away from any possible spoilers, so this review wont be a comparison note. Just like any other Anjali Menon film, this one is also rich in emotions that are deep-rooted. With a set of really talented actors, this fantasy drama is a gently paced happiness pill. ...Read full review
Anjali Menon`s ability to delve deep into human emotions without going overboard is phenomenal. Much like her previous films, in Koode too, we get to see the brilliance of the writer in Anjali Menon. The screenplay is the backbone of the film and it has been neatly layered without any hiccups or forced sequences. Each character in Koode has his/her own identity and they have been established so well that we get to root for each one of them. ...Read full review
Relationships can be tricky things, especially once they reach their end. If it is hard to miss what you never had, sometimes the strongest of bonds end in indifference, not grief. Anjali Menons Koode is a study in relationships - Prithviraj as Joshua, Nazriya as Jenny and Parvathy as Sophie explore the various shades of sadness, that indescribable melancholy when you lose your reason to live. ...Read full review
Anjali Menons films give a guarantee that you will leave the theatre with a smile. Koode keeps up with this tradition and may even be a step ahead of her recent movies. The story revolves around the lives of Joshua (Prithviraj), Jenny (Nazriya), Aloshy (Ranjith), Lilly (Maala Parvathi) and Sophie (Parvathy). ...Read full review
Coach Ashraf was the first person to ever pass the ball to me, Sophie tells Joshua, on a gray day up in the mountains of southern India. She is a rebel who has been paying a price for her self-respect, and is grabbing a moment of solace here with an old friend. ...Read full review
Prithviraj is convincing as a person who has experienced unspeakable abuse. I liked the way Anjali has handled Parvathy`s character. Even as she doesn`t get a lot of speaking lines, Sophie`s reactions tell a lot without saying anything. ...Read full review