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27 Apr, 2018
2 hrs 25 mins
16,244 votes
5 9634
4 2820
3 1546
2 594
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Revolving around a middle-class nuclear family from Kerala, Uncle focuses on the bond that a seventeen-year-old girl shares with her father's rather dubious friend, whom she fondly calls uncle.
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Verdict: Mammootty shines as Uncle, but it is Muthumani who steals the show. After Shutter, Joy Mathew is back again with a soulful script. Uncle is Mammootty`s latest film where he portrays the role of the protagonist. The movie is directed by debutant Girish Damodhar and produced by Joy Mathew and Sajai Sebastian under the []... ...Read full review
College student Sruthy gets a lift from her dads friend Krishnakumar while travelling from Ooty to Kozhikode. How will the society perceive it when a girl travels with a man? Is the uncle as innocent as Sruthy thinks? ...Read full review
In debutant filmmaker Girish Damodar`s Uncle, Joy Mathew, the screen writer, explores a theme he had handled with elan in his critically acclaimed directorial venture `Shutter` - the social hypocrisy and moral policing tagged to the Malayali psyche. ...Read full review
The story begins from Ootty. Shruthy (Karthika) the teenage daughter of Vijayan(Joy Mathew) gets entrapped in Ootty because of an unexpected hartal. Krishnakumar (Mammootty) an old friend of her father pass to Shruthy while he was on his way to Kozhikode after a business meeting. He asked Shruthi to join with him, and both the characters start their journey to Kozhikod together. ...Read full review
As a film reviewer the last thing you want to do after watching the film of an actor you greatly admire is write a negative review for one of his films. But you have to be honest about what you just saw, and this was the case with my review of Mammootty`s Parole, which came out few weeks back. And so, before entering the theatre to watch Uncle, I was badly hoping that this wouldn`t be another dud. Imagine my relief when that wish finally came true. ...Read full review
Shruthi is studying in a college in Tamil Nadu. Due to a strike, the college and hostel shut down and she decides to go back to Kozhikkode, her hometown. On the way, she meets Krishnakumar, a friend of Shruthi`s dad Vijayan, and they travel together to Kozhikkode and the events that follow have been narrated in Uncle. ...Read full review
Sruthi (Karthika) is a college student studying in Ootty.Her College has been shut down on the account of a sudden strike.She meets KK(Mammooty) who is her dad s friend.Then the movie resides on a long road trip. ...Read full review
Uncle opens with violent protests by mobs across Ooty. We never really get to know what the mobs were protesting for or against. The script tries to keep us more worried about the safety of a teenager called Shruti (Karthika Muralidharan). She is stalked by random creepy men near the railway station, where she has gone hoping to find a train to her home back in Koliyakode. ...Read full review
A college girl hitches a ride in her fathers friends car. The man, KK a.k.a Krishna Kumar is suave, rich, with refined manners, and during the journey, the relationship simmers into a friendship that at times looks deceptively flirtatious. Uncle, directed by debutant Gireesh Damodaran and scripted by actor-director Joy Mathew, begins with this extremely promising and intriguing thread. ...Read full review
Uncle, it seems, came right out of a habit, of our people our countrymen. For, we moral police, a lot. We cannot take it when we see a man and woman travel or spend time together, unless we can link them to a few socially-accepted relationships. ...Read full review
Shutter from Joy Mathew was a subtle take on the fake morality of the society and the thriller aspect made it an exciting cinema. On a theme level, his new script Uncle is pretty much in the same zone again targeting the fake morality. But by taking certain u turns from his Shutter stands and also by worshipping political figures blatantly, Joy Mathew dilutes the impact. ...Read full review
The movie starts with Shruthi ( Karthika ) who tries to travel back to her home as all colleges in Tamil Nadu are shut due to a strike.KK (Mammootty) whom is her dads friend finds her on his way back to Calicut, and decides to drop her. The movie kicks off from here as it doesnt reveal who is KK , instead portrays KK as an antagonist to the audiences with Shruthis dad Vijayan (Joy Mathew) feels uncomfortable and uneasiness in shruthy travelling with KK , as he knows about KKs sexual weak points. ...Read full review
Joy Mathew who stunned everyone with his 2012 thriller `Shutter` is back with `Uncle`, this time just being the writer and giving the directorial duty to his prodigee, debutant Girish Damodar. To make things more exciting there is the presence of a Superstar in the form of Mammootty. ...Read full review
For a mammootty movie which does not offer emphasis on stardom rather utilizing the established actor mammootty itself is a penny worth spending. ...Read full review