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Anjaan (Tamil)


15 Aug, 2014
2 hrs 51 mins
523 votes
5 298
4 57
3 37
2 34
1 90
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Anjaan is a Tamil gangster thriller starring Suriya in a double role. The film is produced under his own banner and is directed by N. Linguswamy.
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Anjaan is a film which bangs onto the screens with a huge noise. The heavy publicity, colourful posters and the pre-release buzz had all put the expectations on a see saw. When the film started off with some impressive title design and an intriguing theme track, the crowd went berserk. But right there at the end, there were a few gloomy faces walking out of the cinema hall. The film kicked off on a positive note, with Suriya taking all the attention. Right from frame one, this man is in full form when it comes to action, dance, dialogue delivery or just that daring look. The first half runs away with an interesting intro, the supercute Samantha and some neatly made action sequences. Lingusamys trump card is played at the interval scene, which brings out what he is truly capable of. The stage is set for a fast and furious second half. But to everybodys disappointment, it doesnt end up being what it intended to and finishes off at the cliff of a pit. ...Read full review
On the lines of Baasha Bhai and Vishwa Bhai, here comes a powerful Raju Bhai who enjoys killing and also finds time for some love. A simple story revolving around a revenge spree is what Anjaan is all about. The dazzling Suriya looks dashing and smart. The Neymar like hair do, toned down costumes and exquisitely built body are all thoroughly convincing.Santhosh Sivan`s yellow DI throughout the film gives the much needed look to the Mumbai based underworld film. There was no darkness in the compositions, to bring out the brevity of the script. All the gloss and shine goes with the art direction and shot divisions. Anthony sets a pace and rhythm to this almost 3 hour long commercial film. Lingusamy has written the film based on the `present to memories` filled non-linear narration to detail a suspense attempted story. Dialogues to a great extent are acceptable except for one that keeps coming along. ...Read full review
After loads and loads of promotion, hype and hoopla Raju Bhai is here in the town and goes of Bang Bang Bang through the movie with Lingusamys masala topped storyline. Commercial cinema in India is something that pulls any level of audience for its entertainment content, and post Run Lingusamy is one of the directors who mastered the art. Anjaan slashes the directors signature all over the movie with an array of the star cast spearheaded by Suriya. Lets take a close look on what the movie is all about.The Story & Direction: 20 years before the action and revenge were two sides of a coin, something which the crowd enjoyed. Lingusamys Anjaan falls 20 years short, barring the style quotient, cinematography and music. A handicapped brother who comes to town with a determination to find his brother, only to find out that the brother is one of the powerful dons in Mumbai. The director stresses on the key element of Anjaan the friendship of Raju Chandru aka Suriya Vidyut. With this as the base, he capitalizes on the other elements of love, action and revenge. ...Read full review