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Budhia Singh - Born to Run
A testament to a child genius.

Budhia Singh - Born to Run

05 Aug, 2016
1 hrs 52 mins
2,680 votes
5 1473
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Budhia Singh born next to a railway track, sold at the age of 5 by his impoverished mother to a
street hawker. Destined to lead a desperate existence as a beggar, Budhia is then rescued by a concerned local judo coach, who runs an orphanage for slum children.

Budhia`s talent for running is accidentally discovered when Biranchi punishes the young boy for swearing at one of the Judo students. He asks Budhia to run in the judo compound till he doesn`t tell him to stop. Biranchi comes back after five hours and he is shocked to see Budhia still running.

Biranchi embarks on a mission to turn Budhia into a running phenomenon. Within six months,
Budhia has run twenty half marathons. Within a year, he has run 48 full Marathons. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that Budhia is still only five years old. Biranchi`s plans are becoming ever more ambitious. He decides to set Budhia an even greater challenge, one that will put him into the in the record books. He will run 70kms (42 miles) nonstop. If he succeeds, he will become the youngest endurance runner in the world, and there will be official observers ready to record his achievements.

With the world`s eyes on them and an international storm brewing, the Indian government decides to intervene, accusing the coach of cruelty, and threatening to take his newly adopted son into care.

An opportunistic tug of war is played-out by adults over Budhia`s control. He is caught in the
crossfire of lawyers and politicians. But before any solutions regarding the fate of Budhia can be
found, a shocking event takes place. Biranchi is murdered by a gangster. Who killed coach Biranchi Das? What precisely was their motive? What becomes of Budhia Singh, India`s `wonder boy`, the world`s youngest marathon runner? Is this the tale of an extraordinary talent or darker one of child exploitation?
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Verdict: A moving story told in an incredibly sincere and candor fashion. From the impoverished by-lanes of a slum in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha to the politicos whose propaganda and seat-warming penchant leads to the death of a sports dream everyday. Budhia Singh - Born to Run is an incredibly sincere effort made to highlight a tragedy, []... ...Read full review
The frenzy and enigma surrounding a small boy is conveyed with precision. The meticulously planned screenplay makes the audience a party to the story. More like a fly on the wall, the viewer keeps watching everything from an objective distance. ...Read full review
Budhia Singh - Born to Run hinges on two emotional bonds. One is of course between Biranchi and Budhia, a father figure-gifted disciple relationship that weathers many storms. ...Read full review
The story of Budhia Singh is stranger than fiction. He was born in a slum in Bhubaneswar. His family was so poor that his mother sold him for 800 rupees. A judo trainer took him under his wing and discovered that the little boy had an almost superhuman ability to run. Biranchi Das trained Budhia to be a marathon runner. When he was four years old, Budhia made history by running 65 kilometers in seven hours and two minutes. But eventually a toxic mix of politics, press and egos undid the dream. The local authorities took Budhia away and sent him to a sports hostel where he grew up, largely forgotten. His mentor was murdered. Budhia is now fourteen and he still hopes of someday making it to the Olympics. ...Read full review
Budhia Singh Born to Run is positioned as a biopic of the worlds youngest marathon runner, but its as much an indictment of Indian bureaucracy and petty politics as it is true story of the five-year-old tyke whose achievements it celebrates. Winner of the National Award for Best Childrens Film earlier this year (under its original title, Duronto), this stirring drama, written and directed by first-timer Soumendra Padhi, is powered by consistent performances from its ensemble, led by a showstealing Manoj Bajpayee in the role of the boys coach. ...Read full review