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The struggle of a couple who want to offer a good education to their child


24 Jun, 2016
2 hrs 09 mins
173 votes
5 95
4 44
3 15
2 3
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Ganvesh talks about the helplessness of a poor couple working in a brick manufacturing unit, unable to even provide a school uniform for their child.
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Cinematographer turned director Atul Jagdale hits a Six with his first attempt at direction with Ganvesh. This film will reiterate the belief that in Marathi films Content is the King. Ganvesh is a simple story of a boy and his familys struggle to get him a new uniform for the Independence Day speech, touches all the emotional chords. In this struggle to get School Uniform, the story also touches 2 important uniforms in our country, The Police Uniform and The Politicians Uniform. ...Read full review
The film revolves around uniform, as the director has tried to revolve three characters of the film having their pursuit for dress giving a social drama to the M Town audience. The first happens to be a student belonging to a blue collar couple who has only one dress to wear all the year. He is a good student, which makes him got selected to deliver a speech before the minister coming for the independence day, but for this he needs a new uniform as informed by his teachers. The film showcases the struggle of this kid and his parents to get him new uniform in the movie. The next comes the lady inspector called Meera. She is an able officer with smart decision making, however, she is pissed off due to the pressure she has from her seniors. She struggles to revive the honor of her uniform, which she keeps on doing in her professional career. The third is the character of a politician who has a struggle of making things perfect in his area and visits small village and its school for the Independence Day program wherein the trio meets culminating the crux of the film called Ganvesh. ...Read full review
Vittorio De Sica`s Bicycle Thieves keeps coming back to us in many avatars even after half a century after it was made. A story of have-nots hoping for a small sign of stability in the unjust world, has been narrated to us in many forms, in different settings and of course, with a varying degrees of success. Majid Majidi`s Children Of Heaven had shades of it, Paresh Mokashi`s Elizabeth Ekadashi reflected a similar reality, Amit Abhyankar`s Jana Gana Mana adapted a comparable approach and now, Atul Jagdale`s Ganvesh treads on similar grounds. ...Read full review
The actors Kishore Kadam and Smita Tambe are becoming increasingly popular for playing on-screen couples especially from rural areas. Once again they are a blue collared couple in a small village who struggle even for the basic things in their life. And unlike their previous film Partu, they have done justice to their performance. It is indeed a treat to watch the two once again especially the lady Smita Tambe who has swallowed up the character very well along with mastering the mannerism of a manual labor in the film, which the character demands from her. It talks about their commitment to character for adding authentic paint for the film. Their effortless performances simply leave everyone glued to the screens. ...Read full review