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Hawaa Hawaai
A story of courage, friendship and dreams.

Hawaa Hawaai

09 May, 2014
2 hrs 00 mins
69 votes
5 39
4 6
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Hawaa Hawaai is a story of the triumph of the human spirit; friendship and enjoying the journey of making one`s dream come true.

Arjun (Partho Gupte) moves to the big city along with his mother and little sister. Out there he discovers a hidden world of in-line skating through coach Lucky, who mentors kids to become skating champions. While Arjun starts nursing the dream to learn skating under Lucky (Saqib Saleem), his four friends get together to make this dream come true for him. In this endearing story of hope and aspirations, will Arjun`s dreams take flight?
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If the 2011 release Stanley Ka Dabba filmmaker Amole Gupte struck a chord with you then, you will be impressed with Hawaa Hawaai too. Having mastered the art of working with kids, Gupte once again has his son playing the lead.Hawaa Hawaai is the story of Arjun Waghmare (Partho Gupte) who works at a tea stall where peak hours are in the latter half of the day. ...Read full review
Bollywood ignores two genres of films, sports and children`s films. Amole Gupte brings both the genres together in one moving, touching and an emotional tale of a boy`s dream. Hawaa Hawaai is the story of a boy Arjun (Partho Gupte) who moves to Mumbai along with his mother, little sister and granny after his losing his father and home. He drops out of school and begins to work with a tea seller. There`s no joy in his life till he makes friends with three street kids. He watches rich kids skates and dreams of winning, with the help of coach Lucky (Saqib Salim), who mentors kids. his friends help him to make his dream come true. ...Read full review
I may be wrong but something tells me that when Amole Gupte set out to make Hawaa Hawaai, it was perhaps a very different film on paper.The story is something thats totally up Guptes alley. A 12 or 13-year-old boy who falls into bad times after his fathers sudden demise and then finds a job as an assistant at a roadside tea stall. His contribution to the family income is 50 rupees per day. Even though the premise sounds sad, this boy, Arjun Harishchandra Waghmare, christened Raju by his tea stall boss, does not wallow in self-pity. He has friends, and a very interesting bunch at that. And he has a dream. Arjun, who serves tea at a roller skating academy, aspires to learn the sport and run the races someday. There is suffering peppered with optimism, a classic Amole Gupte approach to the subjects he takes up. Like his previous film Stanley Ka Dabba, Hawaa Hawaii too is set in the backdrop of child labour. It is certainly not a sequel but technically it seems a little like one as Stanley (Partho Gupte) has grown up; hes mature and more self-conscious now, and this I say of his acting. But even as the real Stanley grows up, the film fails to. ...Read full review