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21 Jun, 2018
2 hrs 07 mins
5,298 votes
5 1393
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The Graham family begins to unravel the terrifying secrets about their ancestry, after Ellen, the matriarch of the family, passes away. Will the family be able to outrun their dark fate?
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Verdict: Horror’s latest buildup is a chip off the old block. Horror, as a genre, has been gaining a lot more popularity in the recent times. With Get Out and A Quiet Place, this genre is churning out content that is on par with the other Oscar-worthy movies. Now the film everyone is talking about is Ari Aster’s Hereditary. If you have previously watched horror films like The Visit, The... ...Read full review
Hereditary begins with a death, and with a strange eulogy. The daughter, Annie (Collette), of the woman who has died, remembers her mother as an intensely secretive, private person, and confesses she is surprised at the number of strange, unknown people who have turned up to bid her goodbye. Some more minutes in, there is another, stranger, horrific death, that strikes unexpectedly and hurts more deeply. ...Read full review
A miniaturist artist Annie Graham (Toni Collette) has a troubled relationship with her mother Ellen who was a highly secretive person. After Ellen passes away, Annes daughter Charlie starts acting strange. Later, she meets with a terrible accident and her brother Peter blames himself for it. As he is dealing with guilt, Annie is urged to conduct a sance to help her move on with the losses she has suffered. The exercise goes wrong and the entire Graham family have to face a mysterious evil force that is unstoppable and something that will not leave them alone. ...Read full review
The buzz, as is usually the case with horror films, was passionate. For months, the film had fended off naysayers and retained its perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Rash connections to a royal lineage - one that could be traced back to Rosemarys Baby and The Exorcist - were being made. Broken box office records were being anticipated. But nothing about Hereditary was more enticing to me than its rancid D CinemaScore. ...Read full review
Ari Asters debut feature renders a collection of cascading emotions. On one hand, this is a beautifully filmed, extraordinarily performed high brow horror movie; an arthouse middle finger to its shrill mainstream counterparts like Insidious and The Conjuring. But on the other hand, it alienates a pretty massive audience percentage due to its insistence on being esoteric and different, despite scaling some fairly clich story beats. If you are in the mood for a well made slow burn, this is the film to watch and celebrate, but if you have been brought up on a diet of jump scares or expect something vastly crazy like J-horror, this could be an unsatisfying experience. ...Read full review
Annie Graham`s (Toni Collette)s mother has passed away. Over the years, she had sort of distanced herself from her mother and her secret friends, secret rituals and hence finds it awkward to read aloud the eulogy. It`s more of a confessional of her troubled relationship. Her family consists of a mild-mannered husband Steve (Gabriel Byrne), and two children - teenager Peter (Alex Wolff) and younger daughter Charlie (Milly Shapiro), who appears to be a special child, though it isn`t specified. Charlie is killed in a freak accident and Annie is totally distraught. ...Read full review
Roughly 30 minutes into Hereditary, the new horror film starring Toni Colette, something so shocking, so unexpected happens, it evoked a collective gasp from the audience. Its a moment so terrible, I have gooseflesh just thinking about it. Yet, frankly, the long stretch of silence that follows this incident nearly four minutes of unsettling quiet is as eerie as anything else in the film. ...Read full review