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Jab Harry Met Sejal

Jab Harry Met Sejal

04 Aug, 2017
2 hrs 24 mins
100,975 votes
5 24367
4 10466
3 15284
2 14298
1 36534
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The story revolves around Harry & Sejal’s journey across Europe. A search for Sejal’s engagement ring makes Harry understand love & relationships better. Sejal experiences new found freedom, security & solace in Harry’s company. And in between all of this… there is love, life, lies. thrill, fantasy and the voice within.
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Verdict: The search for the perfect love story ends here. They say there is magic on the silver screen, but we say that nothing matches the charm that Shah Rukh Khan carries. The King of Romance is back with Jab Harry Met Sejal and it will make you reminisce every love story, from Jab We Met []... ...Read full review
If the flop-ridden Hindi film industry had its hopes pinned on the new Shah Rukh Khan starrer for salvation, then it`s time to unpin those hopes. ...Read full review
There is a montage in Imtiaz Alis earlier film Love Aaj Kal in which Saif Ali Khan keeps crossing the same path, but his smile looks more forced everytime. Despite a career that is looking up, his inner frustration gets the better of him and eventually he begins to merge into the crowd. This was Imtiaz Alis way of showing the importance of love and the right partner in life. ...Read full review
Jab Harry Met Sejal is not When Harry Met Sally. With its bow to one of the greatest Hollywood romances ever made, the title of Imtiaz Alis new release seemed to suggest that his film would be not a mere romance but a conversation on the very meaning of love, attraction and the whole shebang that goes with it. ...Read full review
The morning shows the day, they say. The tone was set from the first mini trail of Jab Harry Met Sejal itself. The film was bound to be miserably mushy. And honestly, halfway through this Imtiaz Ali film, you will find yourself wiping your eyes in disbelief. How, just HOW, can Bollywood and especially Imtiaz Ali keep giving us the same films year after year and hope to get away with it? ...Read full review
First half: breezy and unabashedly banal. Second half: riddled with toe-curling romantic mush. Sum total: a wayward, winding journey without maps that weaves concentric circles around sweet nothings and empty prittle-prattle. That, in a nutshell, is Imtiaz Ali`s perambulatory rom-com Jab Harry Met Sejal. It leaves you wishing they hadn`t met. ...Read full review
The journey from Netherlands to Nur Mahal treats you to an opera, pole-dancing and SRK in every frame. Despite it all, youre tempted to tell the filmmaker that the script of this travelogue that seems to have gone missing, could perhaps be languishing in his own backyard. Go search ...Read full review
Please carry a hand fan when you go to see Jab Harry met Sejal. SRK is so outstanding in this movie that if you measured the temperature in the movie hall you would be convinced a heat wave has hit Mumbai. He was pretty cool in Dear Zindagi but the romantic SRK is who we love and he gives us that part of him in spades in the movie. ...Read full review
Story of Jab Harry Met Sejal is not as complex as we have seen in previous films of Imtiaz Ali. A tour guide who is lost this is the plot Imtiaz tried to explore and define love in a new way. Harinder Singh Nehra aka Harry (Shah Rukh Khan) is a tour guide in Holland who is looking for something he has lost. The philosophical twist to this is, he doesnt knows what he has lost. Then enters our breezy, always saying whats in her heart Sejal Zaveri (Anushka Sharma). ...Read full review
Jab Harry Met Sejal is a tale of a loner guide, whose life changes when he meets a special tourist, Sejal. His passive aggressive behavior makes it a tad difficult to maintain long-term relationships. Sejal (Anushka Sharma) is a tourist who buys Harry`s service for her entire family. ...Read full review
A soon-to-be-married girl embarks on a journey with her tour guide in pursuit of her engagement ring which she`s supposedly misplaced during the said tour. What transpires between the two in the course of this hunt will stir those precise emotions that Hindi cinema makes a living of. It`s as formulaic as A plus B, the whole square. But sadly, A is a mysterious brood and B`s a caricature from that show about the man with upside down spectacles. So evidently, this reliable construct for a romcom falls over its head and is rewarded with a conical bump, like the one in Tom and Jerry. ...Read full review
Imtiaz Ali, like my long deceased Dadi, tells the same story again and again. Like her, he too throws a new tangent, adds a new character, a talisman, a tiny de tour to break the weary monotony. A boy and a girl meet. One is betrothed to someone, while the other is free but hurting and not looking for love. ...Read full review
Its a pity, because Shah Rukh Khan breathes life into a character that could so easily have been a turn-off. His performance is one of the films few strengths. Despite the baffling, contradictory nature of Sejal, Anushka Sharma works hard to imbue her with genuine feeling. The two actors deserved a better film, and so did we. Im going with two out of five. ...Read full review